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Naulakha Episode 10 Review

Naulakha is all set to rock the drama scene. It is an intensely engaging drama serial and why should it not be so? The renowned producers Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, the founders of 7th Sky Entertainment, have been giving all hit numbers that are masterfully produced by the largest entertainment company in Pakistan.

The storyline revolves around three cousins, Tehreem, Shafaq and Zain. Both the girls are in love with him but he has eyes for only one of them. Added to this intriguing love triangle is the greed for the precious family heirloom, the naulakha, for which there is conspiracy and planning- every family feels that they are the rightful owners and must receive it by default. The combination situation creates suspense and mystery which is riveting and engrossing.


The episode shows the marriage union between Tehreem and Zain. The new couple’s life starts off full of promise and trust for their future. On the other hand, Tehreem’s mother and sister-in-law, Qurat-ul-ain are quite mean and spiteful for Noor Jahan and poor Shafaq. Both Tehreem’s mother and daughter-in-law secretly covet the naulakha, which is given to Tehreem by Noor Jahan.

As Tehreem plans to leave for her honeymoon, she gives the naulakha to her mother for safekeeping. We can’t help but wonder- will it get misplaced? Or worse still, will someone steal it? Instinct tells that something bad is going to happen but will the unfolding events destroy the new couple’s trust and put their married life in jeopardy? That is for us to wonder, wait and watch for in the next much awaited episode.


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Rated 3.2 out of 5
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