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Naulakha – Episode 12 Review

Naulakha is an entertaining venture with loads of family drama and politics. Naulakha has been brought to us by the dynamic duo- Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, the founders of 7th Sky Entertainment and has gripped us since its very first episode. Penned by the talented Sana Shabbir Sandhu and Reema Ali Syed, the drama has all perfect ingredients for keeping us guessing as to what might happen next as every character is strong and bold.

Three cousins, Tehreem (Sarwat Gilani), Zain (Mirza Zain) and Shafaq (Kiran Haq) star in the lead performance. Tehreem and Zain get married while Shafaq is left alone, and very much disconsolate at being rejected by Zain in favour of Tehreem. The drama is intriguing and holds us captive – I keep bust tracking the family tree, trying to remember who has married whom and what their relation is to the main characters!

The 12th episode, the central theme revolved around matchmaking. How the eldest uncle brings a match for Shafaq and coerces Noor Jehan to agree while she puts the case in front of Akbar Ali, Zain’s father. It turns out that the match was just a ruse to get Shafaq bundled off – the guy actually turned out to be a convicted felon still in the clutches of the law while his MPA father was powerless to keep him safe due to the grave nature of his wrong doing. When Akbar Ali abruptly confronts his eldest brother regarding the match in front of all the family members, everyone is aghast at the proposal. Shafaq decides she does not want to get married.


Tehreem meanwhile feels guilty and is also very depressed down to the negative vibes coming her way from the Haveli and prefers to stay away as much as possible. However, when speaking to her friend about her predicament, a match for Shafaq is found – Tehreem’s friend, Sumbul’s brother who incidentally showed interest in Shafaq at an earlier time when she was still engaged to Zain. However, Shafaq and Noor Jehan refuse outright, slinging insults at Tehreem and she leaves. The result of the tragic scene is that the couple decides to move out in a couple of months until their own house is constructed.

The storyline is simple but gripping – there isn’t much of a hustle and bustle with the story revolving around the main characters only. Even so, we can’t wait to see what will happen to Tehreem, who is the sincerest of the group with an honest will to help her cousin. Will Shafaq come out of her misery and stop playing the wronged woman? Will Noor Jehan, who has promised Shafaq’s marriage to Zain again, give up the idea and accept Tehreem? How long will Zain stand firm for Tehreem? How I wish I knew what is to come..!


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