Naulakha – Episode 14 Review

TV One is presiding with its celebrity studded blockbuster drama serial Naulakha that airs every Tuesday at 8:00 pm. The drama has a stellar cast including Sarwat Gilani, Mirza Zain Baig, Kiran Haque, Bushra Ansari, Behroz Sabzwari, Sana Askari, Syed Arjum, Azhar and Khalifa Sajeer Uddin. It is another 7th Sky Entertainment production by the fantastic duo of Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi. The screenplay belongs to Umera Ahmed and direction is given by Shehrazade Sheikh.

Okay, so, the latest episode of Naulakha reveals that Tehreem and Zain faced a major accident due to rash driving by Zain. As a consequence, Tehreem lost her baby and doctor reveals to Zain that she won’t be able to conceive anymore. Zain Aly with heavy heart and much shocked state couldn’t face Tehreem and is unable to share this sad news with anyone.

The whole family grievances for this loss, Noor Jahan consoles Tehreem’s mother for the loss and pampers her that Allah will bless them with this good news in the future. Zain is unable to reveal the truth to anyone that they will not going to have another baby in the future.

Anwer Ali sees Zain in a very disturbed state and inquires if there is something else that is bothering him; Zain finally reveals the truth to him. Much to his shock, Akhtar Ali consoles him anyway, but he couldn’t stop himself by sharing this bitter truth with Noor Jahan.

Noor Jahan reveals this news to Shafaq, she also gets sad and feels sympathy for Tehreem and tells Noor Jahan that she wants to visit Tehreem. Things get better between Shafaq and Tehreem after then and Shafaq starts taking care of Tehreem more than before. Tehreem asks Shafaq as if it was necessary that she had to undergo this big loss in order to settle things between them. Shafaq gets embarrassed and hugs her.
Tehreem and Zain return from the hospital and finally Zain reveals it to Tehreem that she cannot conceive anymore. Tehreem loses her control over herself and asks Zain that she wants to go with her mother. She blames Zain for what has happened as it was he who was driving recklessly.

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Tehreem’s family accuses Zain as to why he has revealed this news to Tehreem now as he should have considered her state while telling all this to her. Noor Jahan on the other hand, tells Akhtar Ali that she is thinking of Zain’s second marriage as by all means they want an heir for their family.

The drama has got some serious twists and turns and is spearheading amongst other TV serials. Sarwat Gilani’s natural acting is truly commendable. Bushra Ansari is also looking much graceful in this avatar of Noor Jahan with typical gharara and traditional hairstyle.

How did you like this latest episode of Naulakha, please share your feedback and stay tuned to TV One for more updates about Naulakha.

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Rated 3.2 out of 5
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