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Naulakha – Episode 18 Review

7th Sky Entertainment is ruling in almost every TV channel with their blockbuster drama serials. The dynamic duo behind the production house is certainly winning hearts with the quality of work and amazing concepts.

One such production is Naulakha, a super hit drama serial with amazing stellar cast including Sarwat Gilani, Mirza Zain Baig, Kiran Haque, Bushra Ansari, Behroz Sabzwari, Sana Askari, Syed Arjum, Azhar and Khalifa Sajeer Uddin; airs every Tuesday 8:00 PM at TV One. The screenplay belongs to Umera Ahmed and directed by Shehrazade Sheikh. The drama is based on the family procession, greed, and thrust for heritage (Naulakha).


Latest episode starts with Shafaq calling Tehreem, Tehreem shares her grievances about Zain’s second marriage to which Shafaq discloses her that Zain is marrying her. Tehreem comes in shock upon this news followed by heated arguments. Tehreem’s mother (Mumtaz) blames Tehreem for the blind confidence she has on her in laws and so Mumtaz decides not to return naulakaha at any cost.

Qurat ul Ain regrets for his child adoption by Tehreem, as she thinks there is no future of Tehreem now. Noor Jehan gets to know that Mumtaz has no intentions of returning naulakha, she tells to Aktar Ali that they will do Zain and Shafaq’s marriage without naulakha and that Mumtaz has to return it if Tehreem decides to take divorce.

Zain gives his acceptance for marriage with the condition that he will not leave Tehreem. Shafaq has a soft corner for Tehreem and she feels guilt in her heart for her marriage with Zain. Mumtaz calls Noor Jehan and blames her for ruining Tehreem’s life but Noor Jehan bluntly replies that it was Tehreem who snatched Zain from Shafaq earlier and Shafaq allowed that with all her heart, now it’s the time for Tehreem to accept Shafaq and Zain’s marriage. Noor Jehan also tells her that she has to return naulakha as Shafaq is going to be Zain’s wife now.

Shafaq and Zain finally get married. Tehreem cries her heart out but all in vain. Tehreem’s family wants Tehreem to take a decision now but she keeps herself quiet. Noor Jehan and Akhtar Ali force Zain to take Shafaq out for outing. Though Zain is not quite happy with this marriage but he follows the instructions and both goes to northern areas for their honeymoon trip.

Akbar Ali gives the news of Zain Ali and Shafaq’s marriage to Mumtaz and refers Noor Jehan and Akhtar Ali as culprits. Tehreem couldn’t tolerate this anymore and left the room.

At this moment, it is hard to anticipate what will happen in next episode. Will Shafaq be able to give heir to the family? Or will Tehreem demand divorce from Zain? To find out more about the drama, stay tuned to TV one next Tuesday at 8p.m.


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