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Naulakha – Episode 27 Review

A tale of obsession and pride, a traditional lifestyle based drama serial Naulakha has finally reached its climaxes. Another tremendous production by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi has been hitting the TV screens for 27 weeks now. A presentation of 7th Sky Entertainment, the plot and the story is astonishingly different and full of curiosities, all praises to the talented writers Sana Shabbir Sandhu and Reema Ali Syed. Naulakha destroys respectable relationships time and again. The outline of the serial is so enchanting that we can’t help missing a single episode carrying shocking twists.

A love triangle is taking this drama serial to the crests of popularity. Tehreem (Sarwat Gilani), Zain (Mirza Zain Baig) and Shafaq (Kiran Haque), the three cousins, share a beautiful childhood together in the haveli of their grandparents, dreaming of each other. According to the tradition, the wife of Zain Ali deserves the possession of the precious Naulakha necklace.

Sarwat Gillani, being in the lead role has proven to be a wonderful actress. With her spot on dialogue delivery and life-like expressions, she has proven her mettle in every role she has taken in the drama. She completely owned the role of a shattered mother who lost her unborn child in an accident and left us teary-eyed. Asma Abbas has once again done justice playing the authoritative role of the family head.

The drama has moved on from Tehreem to Shafaq as Zain’s wife, just to have a son as the heir. Shafaq loves Zain so much that she allows Tehreem to enter her life. She tries to show her bravery but the truth flows down her cheeks as her first love and the father of her sick child rushes to bring Tehreem back to the haveli. Shafaq sacrifices everything for Zain while he doesn’t seem to respect that. How rude of him!

Zain happily picks Tehreem up and leaves for Haveli. On the way, Zain inquires about the legendary Naulakha whether she has it or not. On denial once again Tehreem faces a terrible downfall of her life. Zain leaves her on the road and moves to the hospital where his son lies in a critical condition. Mumtaz calls Zain and complains about his actions after which the conversation ends on amusing dialogues. “Bhaar mai gayi ap ki beti” Zain utters in anger and hangs up.

What a smack! We can guess there is no way left for Tehreem to go back to haveli anymore. The lust of wealth and Naulakha is ruining everything that connects, even Zain’s little son. We wonder if it’s just a jewel or a curse. Will Zain be able to save his son from this devouring illness? Will Tehreem ever be able to go back now? Let us wait and watch the next exciting episode of Naulakha.

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