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Naulakha Review Episode 5: Will Tehreem now accept Zain?

Zain has left house to pursue Tehreem.


Naulakha is getting more interesting, as Naulakha (the pendant) wasn’t the primary topic of last night’s episode but Zain Ali. Noor Jahan is unable to accept her defeat against her opponents and she wants Shafaq and Zain Ali to get married in any case! When Noor Jahan came to inform Shafaq about Zain and Tehreem’s love affair, she got hurt and felt disheartened as she could never expect such betrayal from her best friend.

However, Tehreem throughout the episode was depressed because she loves Zain Ali and wanted to marry him but just for the sake of her best friend, she rejects Zain’s proposal as she cannot bear to break Shafaq’s heart. However, Zain came to confront Tehreem but she refused to meet him. Also, she told her mother about Zain and Shafaq’s engagement, which she didn’t believe because she never heard about this engagement before from any one.


Later, Ahmed Ali cautioned Akbar Ali to think again about his decision and his only child’s happiness rather than supporting Noor Jahan but Akbar Ali was determined and accepted Zain and Shafaq’s relationship just how Noor Jahan desired! Zain Ali didn’t accept the proposal and requested his father not to force him to marry Shafaq as he considers her as his sister and he loves Tehreem.

Now when Zain has left Haveli to acquire his love, will Tehreem marry him and tarnish her friendship with Shafaq forever? We can only find this out in the next episode on Tuesday at 8p.m. on TV One.

For now, this engaging drama has all our interest.

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