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Noor Ul Ain Episode 3 Review: Beautifully Simple and Engaging

Noor Ul Ain started on a good note and even now, three episodes down, the drama keeps us engrossed in the story. We know, we’ve seen plenty of rich boy, middle-class girl love stories before but the way Noor Ul Ain has been carried out, the drama has become all the more interesting.

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Noor has a strong personality of her own. She thinks before she speaks and she’s cautious enough to share only what she thinks she should. Noor is one level headed girl who will stop herself before she falls way too deep into something. And that is one of the main reasons why we’re hooked to this drama. We want to see how and when this level headed girl fall in the sort of love that’ll make her defy reason. Because at the moment she is just missing Khizer, even though if he is just keeping his promise to her.


Khizer on the other hand is completely smitten by Noor. He has so much to say, so much to share but he keeps it to himself perhaps because he doesn’t want to overburden Noor with his feelings. However, since Noor has now asked for an official proposal, lets see how his approaches the subject with his mother.

Each and every character fits well into their characters and it seems most of them are on the positive side. However its Iffat Omar’s character that intrigues us the most. She has had a tough life looking after a totally bed ridden husband but there seems something amiss in the manner she over convinces Noor for Khizer. What is she trying to hide? Is there something else behind her motives? We’ll have to wait to find out that. Iffat Omar is doing a great job with her character in Noor Ul Ain. She knows how to nail her expressions and her dialogue delivery as the very agitated housewife is spot on.

Sarmad Khoosat’s direction is spot on. In fact it is Khoosat who has brought about wonderful chemistry between Sajal Aly and Imran Abbas. The two look absolutely gorgeous together and we’re liking a strong girl in Sajal Aly. Imran Abbas’s Khizer is a lover boy out and out and looking at Imran’s demeanor, we absolutely love him in the role. It has been quite some time, Imran had done this sort of a role. We’ve seen him in a number of serious avatars round the year and his simple, love struck Khizer is a refreshing change for all Imran Abbas fans.


So all in all, the story has progressed to the point, where it has reached talks of an official proposal. But will Khizer be able to convince his mom? Well you’ll have to watch Noor Ul Ain to find that out next week.


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