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Parizaad Episode-21 Review: Parizaad eventually finds his true admirer

Parizaad the masterpiece running at HUM TV has our heart. The play is getting stronger and more and more interesting with the proceeding episodes. Ahmed Ali Akbar and Yumna Zaidi’s performances are simply impeccable. In the previous episode, we have seen that Parizaad reads one of his old poems at the University where RJ Ainee is present too. In this episode, RJ Ainee and Parizaad’s meeting scene is the cutest thing ever, it’s so heart-touching. Parizaad eventually finds his true admirer!

Parizaad is sitting in his office when he receives a gift parcel, a small sculpture by Miss Quratulain. Later RJ Ainee calls him too and introduces herself as RJ Ainee one of his biggest fans and she also tells him that she has made that little sculpture. Parizaad gets impressed by Ainee’s skill and he also gets moved by her innocence.

It seems that Ainee’s call has a very pleasant impact on Parizaad’s mood and attitude. He eagerly tunes into her radio channel to listen to her show where Ainee very exuberantly shares with her audience that she is very happy today because she has talked to her favorite poet Parizaad and later she dedicates a song to him which we have seen that Parizaad likes as it has brought a smile on his face.

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Naheed is shown as such a characterless mean girl, she is now after Parizaad because she knows that he is rich and what we call him the rising sun. She is the same girl who used to look down on Parizaad because she feels that he is ugly and not worthy to be loved. It is she and Majid who used Parizaad for their benefit and because of them, he gets insulted in front of his whole neighborhood. Now it is the same Naheed who is after him because he is richer what a low character woman she is even Parizaad will get disgusted by her.

Parizaad is in good spirits after talking with Ainee but then his inner self reminds him that he is not worthy to be loved nor he has any right to love someone. His inner self reminds him that he should not repeat his mistake again with Ainee because she only loves his words and nothing more. This inner self or the complex of Parizaad has maddened him for a while when Ainee tells him that she wants to make a sculpture of him he gets mad at her. The cutest moment is when they both met in the office Parizaad once again snubs her but then he gets shocked when he sees that she is blind! Ainee is purely in love with Parizaad’s heart and soul eventually Parizaad has found his true admirer!

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