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Parizaad Second Last Episode Review: Parizaad is redeemed, he could not kill Sharjeel

Ainee has gone for her eye surgery

Parizaad Second Last Episode ReviewParizaad Second Last Episode Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Parizaad the masterpiece airing at Hum TV is moving towards its end. This episode is its second last episode, the play is a phenomenal success with Ahmed Ali Akbar’s iconic performance. In the previous episode, we have seen Parizaad’s dark side where he orders Akbar to kill Sharjeel. In this episode, Parizaad is redeemed as he stops Akbar from killing Sharjeel.

Parizaad has ordered Akbar to kill Sharjeel, the next day we thought he will stop him from doing that but he shows Akbar Sharjeel’s picture and tells him to wait for his next order. Sharjeel coincidentally walks into Parizaad’s office along with Ainee. Sharjeel is such a cute, happy-go-lucky boy how can Parizaad think of killing him?

Ainee apologizes to Parizaad for last night’s behavior and requests Parizaad sir to be her guest on her radio show. Parizaad is reluctant as usual but then he cannot say no to Ainee. Ainee invites Sharjeel too to that show which will be on Thursday. Sharjeel says that he will try as he has a surgery case to deal with on that day. Parizaad instructs Akbar to shoot Sharjeel on Thursday night right after he will come out of the hospital. This scene has terrified us this is the least we can expect from Parizaad.

Parizaad goes to Ainee’s Radio station to be her guest on the show. RJ Ainee is more than happy to have him on her show. She very eloquently in extremely beautiful words introduces Parizaad as her ideal, her mentor, and her inspiration. Parizaad is hell nervous on the seat and we as the audience were even more nervous, we are shouting like “Damn it call Akbar Parizaad” This anxiety of Parizaad is too difficult to handle. Then we have seen that eventually, Parizaad goes to the washroom, and there he meets his old self in the mirror who makes him feel guilty.

The way Akbar tries to kill Sharjeel is not well executed. I mean who sells his socks to a person who is holding a pistol? Luckily he missed shooting Sharjeel and eventually he receives the much-expected call by Parizaad in which clearly stops him from harming Sharjeel. Parizaad is now redeemed! Ainee goes for her eye surgery and she tells Parizaad to meet her soon after she gets her surgery done. Parizaad has some other plans going in his head, he mentions some sort of a journey. In the end, he is addressing Behroze Karim’s portrait telling him that he is going to leave his empire! No way we want Parizaad to have a happy ending with Ainee.


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