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Pehchaan Epiosde-13 and 14 Review: Adnan is accusing Cookie for having an affair with Aziz

Pehchaan drama serial airing at Hum TV thank God has come out of the curse of its over dragged suspense. In the last episodes, we get to know the reason why Cookie wants a divorce. Performances are all on point. In the previous episodes, we have seen that it is Infidelity on part of Adnan because of which Cookie doesn’t want to live with him anymore. In these episodes it is Adnan who is defaming Cookie, accusing her of having an affair with Aziz.

Aziz as we have already predicted is someone who is not that simple. He is twisted too. He through Adnan comes to know that Cookie wants a divorce, she is not happy with her marriage. He calls Cookie and asks her to meet him as he wants to introduce her to his fiancé.

Well, Aziz is certainly lying he has no plans to introduce her to his fiancé. He wants to meet her as this news of her wanting the divorce has somehow ignited the flames of old passion in him. Well, Cookie is so naive that she believes Aziz and after meeting him she actually dolled herself up. Cookie goes to the café where she is all alone with Aziz and to our surprise she doesn’t question Aziz where is his fiancé?

Adnan is chasing Cookie right from her house and he catches her with Aziz in the café. Well, Adnan has himself fully realized the reason why Cookie wants a divorce. He knows that he is being disloyal to his wife all the time. Still, he has the audacity to defame his wife. In our male-oriented society, a man is allowed and okay with having an extramarital affair but it is not acceptable for a woman to even show interest in a man. There is no harm if Cookie considers someone else and demands a divorce.

Adnan is being vile not to admit his own flaw and he is even more toxic when he says that he is not going to divorce her. He stoops even so low that he tells his daughter that her mother is involved with another guy. Well, it makes us wonder why Cookie is being silent on this matter? why she is not clearly telling the world that it is her husband who betrayed her all the time. It is he who is fooling her and having an affair with his lady love? Cookie not telling her children makes sense but her not sharing it with her parents is not making any sense. C’mon Cookie time to name and shame.

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