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Pehchaan Episode 1-4 Overview: An emotionally drained wife gone missing

Where could have Cookie gone?

Pehchaan Episode 1-4 OverviewPehchaan Episode 1-4 Overview | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

The newly started drama serial Pehchaan at HUM TV is one intriguing thriller. The play revolves around a couple Cookie and Adnan. Cookie seems an emotionally drained wife who leaves her husband and children on her way back to Pakistan but where is she now is a big question. Hiba Bukhari’s gorgeous presence and her performance as Cookie are a delight to watch. Syed Jibran as Adnan and Zain Baig as Aziz are playing the lead roles. Pehchaan is penned by Rubina Kabir Khan and it is directed by Asad Jabal.

In the first episode, we have introduced to a family living in Turkey a husband Adnan (Syed Jibran) who is not much expressive when it comes to expressing love, and an emotionally drained wife Cookie (Hiba Bukhari). Apparently, they seem a happy couple as the husband is quite caring but the wife seems like a robot, feelingless and lifeless. She is about to leave for Pakistan.

Cookie is shown to be a full-of-life girl but now she has turned into this robotic person. Everyone loves her be it her own family and siblings or her in-laws everyone praises her. Before leaving for Pakistan she tells her husband that her friend’s husband is cheating on her and she is going to leave her later we find that she leaves her husband and children and she does not reach her own house nor her in-law’s place. So is it actually Cookie’s husband who is cheating on her? He does not seem like a cheat.

Well Cookie disappears somewhere and according to the last footage on the airport CCTV Camera she is seen at the airport talking with Aziz (Zain Baig) who used to be her neighbor and he has sent his proposal for her before Adnan’s. The suspicion of Adnan goes right on Aziz. Kid’s roles are also quite pivotal it seems that they are extremely disturbed by this incident and feel like their mother has abandoned them.

Adnan arrives in Karachi to look for his wife. The flashback in the recent episode tells that they both had a heated argument with Cookie over Aziz and his sister coming to their house. Adnan does not approve of Aziz’s presence at his house and despite arguing about it he is not moved from his view about him. The first thing Adnan does after coming to Pakistan is that he goes to Aziz’s place to find Cookie but Aziz tells him that she is not with him. Moreover, he gives him his wedding card telling him that he has no interest in another’s wife.

Now the question arises where has Cookie gone? The story is quite modern and progressive. It seems the play is about a loveless relationship when Cookie asks her husband ” Will he miss him” he says, ” Yes I will miss you because I cannot live without you, you do all my work” implying that she is not much loved but needed. Cookie’s action seems a call against misogyny and infidelity. Interesting and intriguing.

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