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Pehchaan Episode-19 and 20 Review: Sharmeen is now extremely worried about her children

Hamna is taking a stand for her mother in front of Adnan

Pehchaan Episode-19 and 20 ReviewPehchaan Episode-19 and 20 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Hum TV drama serial Pehchaan is a modern take on feminism and the struggle to find one’s own identity. Performances are brilliant, particularly Hiba Bukhari, she is actually carrying the whole show with her stellar performance. In the previous episodes, we have seen that Sharmeen is struggling hard to find her own identity and have an independent life. In these episodes, it is shown that Sharmeen fell ill and she is terribly missing her children.

Sharmeen is enjoying the rain with her Phupho when her Bhabhi’s call has shaken her. She tells her that Adnan is getting married. Sharmeen despite all her differences with Adnan gets shattered to hear this news. She cries her heart out but still, she is not ready to get back to Adnan, and still, she is not giving the reason.

Sharmeen all of sudden out of nowhere starts missing her kids. She calls Appa to ask whether she talks with her children or not. When Appa gives her answer in negative she calls her mother and inquires if her children have called her then all of sudden she gets angry with her kids for not calling her. Sharmeen’s attitude towards her kids seems really childish.

Then it is shown that Sharmeen gets severe stomach upset due to the non-availability of filtered water. Not just Sharmeen’s parents but Adnan’s family are too extremely worried. Even Adnan also gets disturbed when he hears about Sharmeen not feeling well. He forces his family to visit Sharmeen. When his family visits her Sharmeen has gone on her job. Adnan’s mother behaves so unreasonably with Safina Phupho that she literally insults her by saying that she is deliberately keeping Sharmeen so that she can earn from her. Safina Phupho is extremely broken to hear this accusation. Our heart goes out to her.

Adnan’s conversation with his friend is the crux of the whole play. He tells Adnan that we never really appreciate our wife’s role in our lives we always take it for granted and we always think that it is our right to own them but we never realize what their rights are. Hamna for the very first time stands in front of her father for her mother. She also tells her mother that she has always seen that her father always takes her for granted but Sharmeen snubs Hamna for speaking like this. She tells her not to say anything about her father or his family. Hamna promises her mother she will not get into this but all she asks in return is to come back which Sharmeen refuses. Why Sharmeen is not stating to them the reason for leaving?

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