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Pehchaan Episode 5-6 Review: Cookie is back and she wants divorce!

Hum TV’s newly started drama serial is now 6 episodes down as it gets aired twice a week. Performances are on point, particularly Hiba Bukhari is quite impressive and Syed Jibran’s performance is also equally good. In the previous episodes, we have seen Cookie an emotionally drained wife gone missing. In these episodes, Cookie gets back and she is demanding Adnan to divorce her.

The episode begins with Cookie getting back to her parent’s house in a rickshaw without her luggage. Well, we are also wondering along with her family where has she gone and where she stayed all that time? I think that Cookie’s family is not pressurized her much to ask her where she has spent her days and where she has gone despite of her weird behavior.

We have also got a flashback of Cookie talking with a woman and it seems as if we are guessing that she is Adnan’s love interest and Cookie has decided to leave Adnan. It is not her friend whose husband is cheating on her but it is her own husband who is having an affair with another woman well one wonders why Cookie is avoiding this topic in front of Adnan and why she is not open about it to him or to her own family?

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The scene where Adnan knocks at Cookie’s door and she eventually comes out staring at Adnan as if she knows the whole story is such a powerful scene and then she straight away demands him to divorce her. Hiba Bukari and Syed Jibran both performances were amazing. Cookie is not clearly telling Adnan why she wants to leave him. Adnan and even her family think that there is some guy involved in all this. They think Cookie is interested in someone which is making her even more shocked.

Cookie’s reaction is justified but her abandoning her children is not something okay. She is certainly having some mental health issues. Cookies’s daughter handles the situation quite maturely she clearly tells her mother that she has nothing to do with them if she chooses that man over their father. Cookie is astonished to hear the mention of another man. It is she who is leaving her husband because of another woman but the irony is that she is casually being accused to involved with another guy by her husband and her own kids, it must be quite painful for her. Plus Cookie’s family is not fully supporting her. Cookie is resolute that she wants a divorce and she openly demands it in front of her father-in-law telling him that she wants to leave his son and they can keep the kids. Very engaging episodes craving for more.

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