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Pehchaan Episode-9 & 10 Review: Cookie is not telling the reason why she is asking for a divorce

The unnecessary suspense build up seems irritating!

Pehchaan Episode-9 & 10 ReviewPehchaan Episode-9 & 10 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Hum TV Drama serial Pehchaan got modern themes and has quite a progressive narrative. Performances are simply brilliant especially Hiba Bukhari has given her best. In the previous episodes, it’s all about flashbacks. While in the latest two episodes, there were some more flashbacks but this unnecessary suspense is now getting on our nerves and it is getting super annoying. Cookie is not telling the reason why she is asking for a divorce and Adnan is resolute that he won’t leave Cookie!

Adnan’s parents are shown to regret that they would have not forced Adnan into this marriage. They were recalling the days when Adnan was insisting on them to take his proposal for his lady Love but they were not ready to accept his choice.

However, Adnan’s parents could not stay in front of his passion and they took his proposal for the girl he loved. However, the story is not making any sense how come Adnan living in Turkey fall in love with a girl from such a traditional and conservative family. The girl’s parents badly insult Adnan’s family and a class difference had shown while looking at Adnan’s parent’s lavish home they do not look less than that girl’s family. This story doesn’t seem to be convincing at all. Anyways Adnan had left with no choice but to marry Cookie which he did half-heartedly then.

Adnan’s father is of the view that Adnan still meets that girl which is the reason why Cookie wants to leave him. He discusses it with Adnan but Adnan strongly refuses that he does not meet that girl. Adnan in a fit of anger goes to meet Cookie but she does not open the door as usual. Cookie is demanding the same that she wants a divorce. Adnan is so exhausted and furious that he tells his mother-in-law that it is enough he is never going to come again nor he will divorce her and he will not even let her meet kids.

Cookie’s bhabi represents the societal view that a woman’s survival in society is through her husband, it is her husband that gives her identity. She asks Cookie if Adnan used to beat her? Or does he refuse to give her money? Then why does she want to leave him? She strongly believes that there is a guy involved in this matter, Cookie is involved with someone and that is why she is taking such a huge step. This unnecessary suspense build-up is now getting on our nerves now. Cookie must state her reason why she wants to leave Adnan.

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