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Pehli Si Muhabbat Episode-14: Our heart goes out for Rakshi and Aslam

Rakshi is going to be a big mess

Pehli Si Muhabbat Episode-14Pehli Si Muhabbat Episode-14 - OyeYeah News

Rakshi and Aslam’s beautiful love story is going through a tragic phase where our hearts goes out for both of them. Pehli Si Muhabbat is certainly an emotional roller coaster that touches your right chords. In the previous episode, we have seen how Aslam manages to cover Rakshi by telling Faiz that Rakshi has nothing to do with this matter, it is him who wants to marry her but in this episode, we have seen that how Akram makes things ugly by showing Rakshi and Aslam’s pictures and messages to Faiz.

Akram out of anger and frustration takes Aslam’s phone with him to Faiz and shows him Rakshi and Aslam’s picture. Faiz’s trust in her daughter is shattered and he is in a furious rage. Well, timings are also not favorable for anyone. Aslam at the same time goes to Rakshi’s place and insists Nargis let him meet Rakshi for the last time and despite Nargis’s reluctance Rakshi request Nargis to let her come in for a while.

The scene where Rakshi pleads Aslam not to ill wish for her and he says ” Tumhay Baddua denay say pehlay mar na jaon main” is so heart wrenching yet reflects his pure love which is nothing like Sikandar’s love for Zainab. Faiz enters his house in a furious range at the wrong time. He sees Rakshi and Aslam together in his house and that too in the presence of Nargis. Faiz throws him out of his house not realizing that he is creating a fuss and bringing her daughter’s life into a great mess.

Well as we are expecting Faiz to blame Nargis for all this. He blames her for being a harlot and he says that he regrets the day he marries her because it is her presence that has corrupted Rakshi. Nargis is broken to hear this, she is the one who tried hard to protect Rakshi and she is the one who is blamed. Rakshi tries hard to tell her father that Nargis has nothing to do with her affair but Faiz starts beating her.

Well, Zainab’s coldness to her husband is not making any sense, how can a loveless marriage last for such a long time, and why Zainab’s husband is bearing her with this much level of coldness? It is heartbreaking to see that Zainab is wasting all her emotions for the wrong person, Sikandar has turned into a villain, revenge is what going in his head. He is marrying Rakshi just because he does not want to see Aslam getting his love. It is not Aslam who has stopped him from marrying Zainab then why he punishes him so brutally? Sikandar beats the hell out of Aslam leaving him unconscious at the road. The scene where Aslam’s mother blaming and cursing Faiz is so heartbreaking, great performances by Shabbir Jan and Saba Faisal. However, the ending scene has our heart when Rakshi is traumatized on hearing Aslam’s condition and Nargis is consoling her saying that ” Maa Hazir hai” You cannot stop your tears from rolling down.

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