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Pehli Si Muhabbat Ep-22 Review: Zainab is executing Aslam and Rakshi elopement

Zainab meets Rakshi at her place


ARY Digital’s Pehli Si Muhabbat always struck the right emotional chords. In the previous episode, we sensed a light of hope in Zainab Appi and it excites us all for Aslam and Rakshi’s union. In this episode, we have seen how wisely Zainab Appa convinces Aslam and Rakshi for elopement as for her it is the only solution and hope for their union.

Zainab Appa visits Faiz’s house as their neighbor, luckily Nargis has never met Zainab before so she gets convinced by Zainab’s made-up introduction of herself. Timing is really fortunate because Nargis is hurrying to meet her ex-lover, Rakshi cashes the situation and offers her company to the guest. Nargis leaves Zainab with Rakshi. Zainab pleads Rakshi not to marry the sadist Sikandar and moreover, she convinces her to elope before her wedding day. Rakshi reluctantly accepts this suggestion.

Nargis is a woman of strong morals and character, she is continuously rejecting her first love trying to convince him that now she is a married woman. Well, one wonders she cant straightforwardly tell him that on the phone why she is meeting him in person that too in a cafe, this does not go well with the character of Nargis. Nargis’s ex is persistent that he is not going to leave Nargis like that. Will Nargis eventually succumbs to his tempting offer and leave Faiz?

The scene where Rakshi is crying her heart out with his father has brought me into tears. It is such an emotional scene, the dialogues come right from the right. Zainab has planned well, she has done set everything, where Aslam and Rakshi are going to live. The portrayal of bhabi is yet another great thing about the play, she gives Aslam more money as Akram has given him a limited amount.

Our hearts start pounding, we were anticipating that something really bad is going to happen but the ending of this episode left us at a cliffhanger. Well, Aslam with his sister and bhabi’s support finally goes to his friend’s place. His friend Nadeem refuses to be part of any of his plans and his excuse is genuine. He suggests Aslam to go alone and tell his brother that Nadeem has not joined him because he is ill. Aslam’s courage seems to collapse with Nadeem stepping back. Will Aslam be able to elope with Rakshi? Will their elopement be a smooth process? Oh we wish it to be free of hurdles.

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