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Pehli Si Muhabbat Ep-3 Review: Aslam’s madness in love leads to Rakshi’s heartbreak

This play is all about Aslam and Rakshi's love fervor

Pehli Si Muhabbat-ep3Pehli Si Muhabbat Episode-3 review - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

ARY Digital’s drama serial Pehli Si Muhabbat is a cute love story revolving around love-struck teens Aslam and Rakshi, their passion and fervor are what makes this play a pleasure to Watch. Maya Ali and Sheharyar Munawar’s cracking chemistry and their powerful and ravishing appearances are surely a treat for the audience. The play has got all the filmy vibes. Penned down by Faiza Iftikhar the Pehli Si Muhabbat last tow episodes seem a promising and solid love story.

The episode begins with Rakshi and Aslam’s love madness, this is the only part that is making this play interesting and worth watching otherwise Akram’s part is quite over the top. Aslam is madly following Rakshi to her college that even her best friend who happens to Aslam’s best friend’s sister tells her brother about his friend’s recent stalking behavior. Well, who shares this kind of details with brothers. Aslam’s friend asks him about his recent activities and he warns him that how can he fall for Rakshi when he is already engaged to someone else? Aslam clarifies that she is not formally engaged.

Akram and his unreasonable tactics to boycott Faiz is making no sense at all. Faiz meets Akram’s mother and shares all the problems and issues he is facing because of her son. Akram’s mother tries to reason her son but he seems a thorough extremist who is not ready to realize the fact that Faiz Chacha has actually done a good deed in marrying a woman of an objectionable past so that she comes out of her filthy world and starts living a respectable life. Instead of acknowledging Faiz Chacha’s good act, he is bashing him for that which is making no sense and it is completely against the teachings of Islam. Akram is portrayed as a religious person but he is self-righteous and a thorough extremist.

Faiz Chacha’s wife seems a really good woman who desperately wants to leave behind her bad past and lead a simple and respectable life but no one in her neighborhood is ready to forget her past and accept her. She is now regretting that she has committed a huge mistake by marrying Faiz as her presence is creating so many troubles for him and it seems impossible for him to find a suitable match for her daughter under such circumstances.

Rakshi’s van driver is also being stopped to pick her by Akram. Aslam reacts to it which makes Akram extremely furious. Rakshi and Aslam start talking on the phone, Aslam got her number through his friend’s sister. They are madly in love with each other. The episode ends at Rakshi’s heartbreak when she comes to know about Aslam being engaged to his cousin.

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