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Pehli Si Muhabbat Ep-6 Review: Aslam refuses to marry Bushra in front of his family

Sadly, Aslam's refusal makes no difference to his family

Pehli Si Muhabbat Ep-6 ReviewPehli Si Muhabbat Ep-6 Review - OyeYeah Reviews

The drama Pehli Si Muhabbat is one of the most exquisite love stories airing at ARY Digital. Watching Maya Ali and Sheharyar Munawar as Rakshi and Aslam on screens is a real treat, their young love, and fervor and crackling chemistry is what makes this serial a pleasurable watch. In the previous episode, we have seen that Rakhsi’s stepmother Nargis gets to know about Rakshi having an affair with someone. In this episode, we have seen that Aslam musters courage and he tells his family that he cannot marry Bushra.

Aslam following his sister Hajra’s wise advice gathers the courage to stand in front of his family and he straightforwardly refuses to marry his cousin Bushra. Well, Akram lacks empathy, he is shown as a rigid, strict, and bitter person. He does not take his brother’s refusal seriously and his refusal makes no difference to him nor Hajra’s taking Aslam’s side, Aslam’s family goes to Bushra’s place to set his wedding date.

Rakshi’s father on the other hand is extremely worried about Rakshi’s marriage. The current circumstances and neighborhood boycott is making him even more anxious about his daughter’s future’s prospect. He shares with Nargis that he will try to hint at his good friend about Rakshi, as he showed interest in Rakshi for his son. He says that he will ask him about his son’s current status and he will try to hint at him for Rakshi’s proposal in the least direct manner.

Nargis is shown as such a sincere and kind heart woman, she tells Rakshi that her father has gone to his friend’s place to talk about her proposal. Rakshi gets panicked and Nargis suggests to her that she should tell the one who she loves to bring his proposal for her as she cannot help her in this situation but if he will bring the proposal then it will be easier for her to make her father convince for that proposal. Despite such sincere intentions Rakshi’s coldness and rudeness for Nargis are not making any sense, in fact, it looks ugly and makes her less in stature.

Despite Bushra’s father’s refusal of not marrying off Bushra any time soon because Aslam is jobless, Akram does not end their relationship. He is in no mood to listen to Aslam, he even rudely asks his sister to go back to her house just because she dares to take Aslam’s side. Nargis tells Rakshi to be careful and straightforwardly tells her that if his lover will bring his proposal then it’s okay otherwise she will not let her make fool of herself. Nargis also warns her by saying that she has seen many girls getting into brothels who were trapped in the name of love. She says that she will keep an eye on her and she will only help her if a proposal will come for her. Rakshi does not feel any change of heart towards Nargis on such sincere intentions is really very saddening.

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