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Pehli Si Muhabbat Ep-9 Review: Nargis proves herself to be a true mother of Rakshi

Pehli Si Muhabbat is one of the most heart-touching love stories airing these days at ARY Digital. The characters and plot of the story seem so real and lifelike. The sizzling chemistry between Sheharyaar Munawar and Maya Ali is a treat to watch. With an interesting storyline, brilliant direction, and incredible performances, Pehli Si Muhabbat has become our favorite Primetime Watch. In the previous episode, we have seen that Nagi Appi is continuously blackmailing poor Rakshi. In this episode, we see that how Nargis and then Aslam teaches Nagi a lesson that she is never think again to blackmail Rakshi even in her wildest dreams.

Rakshi is sharing with her friend that how Nagi Appi is blackmailing her and demanding her to give her late mother’s jewellery which she never wants to give as it is her mother’s only thing she has. Nargis is eavesdropping on the whole conversation and she even hears that Rakshi wants to take her own life. She becomes cautious and she is making sure not to leave her alone in the room.

The real scene comes when Nagi Appi arrives at Rakshi’s place to blackmail her. She shamelessly demands Rakshi to give her mother’s jewellery, poor Rakshi has to kneel downed, touching her feet begging her to forgive her but Nagi Appi is not melting she is putting more pressure on her by saying that she will tell all to her father. It seems that Rakshi’s heart gonna stop when Nargis makes her entry to the room.

Never in the wildest dreams, Rakshi nor Nagi Appi has imagined that Nargis will defend and protect Rakshi like a lioness. The scene is so satisfying, Nagi Appi is tasting her own medicine. Nargis slaps hard on her face and tells her that if she ever dares to utter anything against her daughter Rakshi, she will have to pay the price as she still got high connections in the police. Nagi Appi runs out of the house terrified. Rakshi first time realizes how Nargis cares and protects her, she has proved herself as her true mother, she embraces her tightly and calls her Ammi.

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Rakshi’s father has already agreed to his friend’s son’s proposal and he is ready to marry her off as soon as possible. Nargis is trying hard to convince her husband to rethink. Zainab Appa tries to convince her mother about Rakshi but her mother is not ready to accept this proposal, she does not even melt when Zainab gives her own example. The scene where Aslam goes and terrifies Nagi Appi once again is so cute, Sheharyar Munawar has given an amazing performance. Aslam then travels to Karachi and he clearly tells Bushra’s family that he cannot marry Bushra.

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