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Pinjra Episode-10 Review: Abhaan is behind the bars

Khadija and Jawaid are passing through a rough patch as Abhaan has put himself in a huge mess

Ary Digital drama serial Pinjra is one of the excellent serial in the running. Performances of the young artists are simply incredible. In the previous episode we have watched that there are chances that Abhaan might get arrested as Umer’s father is using all his influence. In this episode it is shown that Abhaan gets arrested and he is behind the bars.

It is shown that Khadija and Jawaid are passing through a rough patch as Abhaan has put himself in a huge mess but this certainly does not give Jawaid any license to misbehave with her guests. Jawaid has really misbehaved with Wajiha calling her daughter bad influence which is a extremely awful thing to do and the most annoying part is that Khadija is not being that protective towards her friend.

Wajiha is consoling her friend, she is with her in this hard time but whatever Jawaid said about her daughter is enough she is about to leave when Police raids at Jawaid’s house with having arrest warrants for Abhaan. As they have the warrants there is nothing they can do to stop Police from getting Abhaan. Jawaid promises that he will soon get his bail through his lawyer.

Wajiha is such a gem that she despite of Jawaid’s rude behavior still siding with her friend comforting her. Wajiha on getting to Khadija’s house took a lift with a guy played by Furqaan Shaikh. That guy have seen that Police raid at their house and later he introduces himself to Wajiha as their neighbor and a lawyer who works with some kind of NGO who works for children rights hopefully this guy will going to help Abhaan in getting out of the remand house as Jawaid’s lawyer fails to get his bail. Umer’s father is using his influence to make sure he won’t get the bail.

One of the most impactful scene is when Abeer goes at Wajiha’s place and Dua welcomes her with a big smile. Abeer’s and Dua both the girls have given an outclass performance in this scene. Khadija’s condition is bad her anxieties to get her son back home is beautifully portrayed by Hadiqa jee. Umer’s father is using all his influence to make sure that Abhaan does not get a bail, he wants to physically torture him in the remand house which is not possible because of his age and also that the victim is still alive. Praying that Umer get well soon so Abhaan will get free. Our heart goes out for the poor Abhaan why he is not telling anyone that it wasn’t him who actually pushed Umer?

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