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Pinjra Episode-11 Review: With Umer’s death, Abhaan gets into bigger mess

Javaid's lawyer is not honest with him

ARY Digital’s drama serial Pinjra is one of our favorite prime time watch although the play has taken quite a tragic turn but still it has so many positive messaging connected with it. Performances particularly by the young artists have been simply outclass. In the previous episode we have watched that Abhaan is behind the bars. In this episode things have gotten worse, Umer’s death has put Abhaan into greater mess!

We have seen in this episode that Javaid’s lawyer is not loyal and honest with him, he has been a party with Umer’s father and he has been taking a hefty amount from him for selling his soul. With the help of this lawyer Abhaan fails to get the bail the next day as well. Javaid is simply clueless, he is trying is best but the lawyer is trying to make him fool by making excuses.

Arsalan tells Wajiha that Abhaan’s father need to change the lawyer as according to him he is not being honest and has been partied with Umer’s father. Wajiha conveys this to Khadija who in her own is helpless. She in a very unconvincing manner tells Javaid to change the lawyer. Instead of giving it a thought, Javaid starts vilifying Wajiha’s character by saying that no wonder how many guy friends she have. What a horrible man Javaid is!

Well Umer’s death would have been quite a shocking news for us if they would not have shown this in the drama promos. We already knew that Umer going to die. With Umer’s death thing have gotten worse and Abhaan will get into bigger mess! Abhaan is also aware of this reality that is why he is crying his heart out with his new jail mate. Another thing which might trap him more is that his blood test has detected drugs.

How will Abhaan’s parents particularly his father will react when they will come to know about him getting into the drugs? Our heart goes out for the poor Abhaan as the poor kid is in greater mess! Umer’s father has maddened with his grief and he will never going to spare Abhaan. Arsalan seems like a ray of hope it seems like he will be his savior but currently how he will help him out as Javaid is not ready to listen to Wajiha. At some point it seems like what Javaid is going through is what he totally deserves but poor Abhaan certainly does not deserve this. Why he is not telling that he has not actually pushed Umer?

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