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Pinjra Episode-13 Review: Jawaid vilifies Wajiha’s character in front of her son

Jawaid is not ready to change his lawyer

ARY Digital’s drama serial Pinjra is 13 episodes down. This play is an excellent watch carrying such positive messaging on parenting and other issues. Performances are all on point. In the previous episode, we watched that as expected Abhaan’s drug test comes positive. In this episode not much happened Wajiha when suggests Jawaid change the lawyer and he instead of giving it a thought starts vilifying her character in front of her son Fardaan.

We have seen at the beginning of the episode that Wajiha wins her case and her husband has been sentenced to ten years of Prison. Well, it sounds a bit unrealistic if we look at it from our society’s point of view where we never see anyone serving with Justice. It is shown that Arsalan has helped Wajiha in this case. Arsalan’s scene with Abhaan’s lawyer seems an additional one why he needs to confront him?

Khadija tells Wajiha that Abhaan’s drug test is positive, and Wajiha gets shocked. Khadija being a victim of gaslighting starts blaming herself for this disaster. Wajiha tries her best to make Khadija come out of this self-blame game she tells her to confront Jawaid and also tries to convince him to change the lawyer as this one has been a party with Umar’s father. She refers her to Arsalan. Khadija and Azlaam have a meeting with Arsalan.

Well, Jawaid’s lawyer talking with him about Wajiha and trashing her character by scandalizing her with Arsalan seems quite a stretch. Jawaid is chauvinistic he believes whatever trash his lawyer speaks. The way drug issue and children’s drug issue is shown in this play is quite intelligently done and looks very realistic. Bilal’s father and his relaxed demeanour are literally giving us goosebumps. It also reflects that it is a kind of vicious circle which seems never-ending. Bilal’s father is way too influential and not moveable.

Wajiha asks Khadija to convince Jawaid for switching to another lawyer and for that Wajiha also accompanies Khadija despite knowing how Jawaid used to insult her. This time too as stuffed by his lawyer Jawaid starts vilifying Wajiha’s character, trashing her in front of her son Fardaan by saying that she has a very deep relationship with Arsalan. Wajiha is so hurt and broken. She feels worse this time because it is done in front of her son. I wish his son reacts or at least console her. It is so heartbreaking that Khadija has not stopped Jawaid. Khadija’s helplessness makes her an annoying character. The episode ends with Abhaan’s fainting I guess he is having withdrawal symptoms.

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