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Pinjra Episode-14 Review: It seems something terrible is going to happen on Abhaan’s court hearing

Not much story development shown in this episode

Pinjra despite being an excellent play has a bit slowed down since the previous two episodes and there hasn’t been any story development. C’mon pace up! Performances are exceptionally good, particularly the young stars have done an outstanding job. In the previous episode, we watched Javaid vilifies Wajiha’s character in front of her son. In this episode, it is shown that despite all this Wajiha and her family are looking forward to Abhaan’s court hearing.

Thank God in this episode we do not have to see Jawaid’s toxicity we have already seen enough of it. Jawaid’s narcissistic behavior is too annoying. Secondly, Khadija’s helpless demeanor is also super annoying, her never-ending servitude towards her husband is not making any sense at all. For her child’s sake, she needs to confront her husband but she is not putting enough effort in this regard.

Wajiha’s character is so strong and beautiful that despite Jawaid’s spitting venom about her character in front of her son, she has not ceased to meet her friend nor she has stepped back from Abhaan’s case. In fact, she goes and meets Abhaan, well why Abhaan is not opening up with his Wajiha khala and why does he refuse straight away to meet his brother Azaan? We can feel Azaan’s frustration.

To be honest from the past two episodes nothing much happened from the story’s point of view no such development. Abhaan is still at the Remand house. Jawaid is still persistent in not changing the lawyer despite facing obvious failure. Khadija going to the lady police officer’s house and asking her advice is so heartbreaking. All indications say that on the hearing day something terrible going to happen. However, being a mother Khadija should have taken a solid stand after all it is a matter of her child’s life.

Our heart goes out to Azaan, he is going through a lot. His frustration is real, he has seen what happens in his own school, how the school management is being numb on Bilal’s matter knowing that he is involved in drugs just because his father gives a hefty amount of donations so they cannot afford to take any action against that mischievous child. In fact, Azaan is asked to remain silent on this matter. At least Azaan has a gem of a friend like Fardaan. He is resolute that he will go to raise these matters on social media. All eyes are on Abhaan’s court hearing and there are clear indications that something terrible going to happen on that day. It is heartbreaking to see a poor child like Abhaan suffering badly well it is good to see that he has gained a sincere friend Salim in the Remand house.

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