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Pinjra Episode-15 Review: Abhaan is sent to Jail

Khadija has started confronting Javaid

Pinjra the Ary Digital drama serial is getting more and more depressed. Thank God in this episode the story has shown some development but it has taken a very tragic turn. Performances are all outshining so is the execution. In the previous episode, we watched that everyone is looking forward to Abhaan’s court hearing. In this episode, it is shown that the court sends Abhaan to Jail.

Abhaan’s court hearing is what everyone is looking forward to. The way Wajiha is standing with her friend despite of Jawaid vilifying her character is so commendable and the way she convinces Fardaan makes her gem of a person. The good thing is that Khadija is now taking a stand for herself now she starts confronting Javaid. Javaid is kind of shocked to see Khadija’s attitude but he is so misogynist that instead of realizing his own conduct he is blaming her.

Well as expected on the court hearing day, Abhaan’s lawyer has not done his work well. Umar’s father’s lawyer in court claims that Abhaan is not a minor then why he is being kept in Remand’s house with the minors. He claims that his birth certificate is forged. As the lawyer has not prepared his case well he fails to defend thus court orders Abhaan to send to jail for 17 days till the next hearing on account of a forged birth certificate.

Khadija’s world turned upside down how come her innocent kid going to live among the seasoned criminals in jail and that too for 17 days? For the very first time, she takes a stand for herself and for the sake of her child, she leaves Javaid alone in the house and starts living with Wajiha, taking Azaan along with her. Azaan also confronts the lawyer calling him someone who has sold himself. One wonders what magic the lawyer has done on Javaid and he is not ready to realize the fact that he is not giving much to the case.

Khadija meets Arsalan and he recommends conducting an age test which is a scientific method of assessing one’s own actual age. He urges Khadija to convince Javaid to ask the court to do that test for Abhaan. He further promises to provide enough evidence against the lawyer to her so she can show it to Javaid. Abhaan entry into the jail is such a bone-chilling scene where the poor boy is at the mercy of all the seasoned criminals who can do anything to him. Our heart goes out to the poor child. We have already shown he is bullied by his fellow prisoners.

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