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Pinjra Episode-17 Review: Court orders Abhaan’s ossification test under judge’s own supervision

Arsalan get to know that Abhaan actually assaulted in the jail

Ary Digital drama serial Pinjra is getting dragged and at a few points, the story is not making any sense. It seems sad for such an excellent play to get dragged like that. The performances all are superb. In the previous episode, we watched Abhaan brutally assaulted in Jail. In this episode, the court orders Abhaan’s ossification test under the judge’s own supervision.

It is such a heartbreaking scene when Bua is telling Abeer that everything is going to be alright on which she asks will her father is going to change as well. It is so traumatic for kids to get raised in an environment where one parent is so manipulative and creates a toxic environment by emotionally abusing others and gaslighting them. Our heart goes out to Abeer and Azaan.

Khadija has a talk with Javaid but this time Javaid sees a different Khadija she is confident and resolute that she will fight for her child’s justice. Javaid has sensed that Khadija is not ready to listen to him and she says that she will be back home once Abhaan will come back home. It is shown that Javaid keeps sending Khadija her monthly pocket money in her account despite their differences.

Wajiha reminds Khadija that Javaid financially supports her but emotionally drains her. Khadija has realized that she is right. In the court, Javaid’s lawyer shows a tempered ossification test which says that Abhaan is an adult but Khadija provides another ossification test she has conducted which says she is still a minor. Well, when Khadija conducted this test while Abhaan is so badly injured, he was brutally assaulted in the jail but while examination no one gets that it was not merely a brawl he was assaulted in the jail. Why Khadija has not mentioned his son’s condition in court?

Does the story make no sense why Khadija has not mentioned in the court that her child is so severely injured? he has bruises all over his body. It is through Arsalan Wajiha comes to know that he is assaulted in jail. On the other front, Azaan is forced to remove Justice for Abhaan’s pages from social media otherwise he may get expelled. Azaan has seen the ugly face of his school management, backing up drug dealers and will go against Abhaan’s parents. Court orders to conduct an ossification test under the judge’s supervision. It is a ray of hope that Abhaan might be sent back to Remand’s house.

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