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Pinjra Episode-19 Review: Abhaan gets bail but he refuses to go back home

Abhaan is sent back to the Remand House

Pinjra the drama serial airing at Ary Digital is an excellent serial in the running. Performances are simply spectacular in this play by all the young stars. The highlight of this episode is the school’s principal’s speech at the press conference. In the previous episode, we have seen that Javaid finally realizes that his lawyer is cheating on him. In this episode, Abhaan gets bail but he refuses to go back home.

This episode is quite a powerful one carrying strong messaging. It is made clear that poor Abhaan has unfortunately been subjected to sexual assault. The Lady Police officer’s use of the word “ziadati” gives us that hint. The incident has hit Javaid hard and he is already in the phase of remorse. He is being reluctant to go to court. This time we have not shown a court scene.

We get to see some insights from Umer’s mother. It is shown that the grieving lady has eventually realized that they have wronged the poor child Abhaan just to satisfy their ego, she has realized that her husband has gone too far in his revenge and it is creating differences between her and her husband. Well, Umar’s mother has been too late to realize all that the damage has already been done poor Abhaan is scarred for his whole life!

It is shown that Javaid arrived late at the court hearing. He comes to know that Abhaan’s bail has been approved but he has refused to go back to his home. It seems like an eye-opener for Javaid, his child is too traumatized and he is not feeling safe to go back to his own house. The same goes for Abeer she is also not ready to go back home. This might make Javaid reflect on his past conduct and may he undergoes a change of heart.

The highlight of this episode is the surprise speech of the principal at the Press Conference. The principal is supposed to trash Abhaan and his parents for involvement in drugs but she surprises everyone by taking the right side despite having so much pressure. She says that we as a nation are intoxicated by various kinds of addiction one of them is flattery and she accepts her student’s drug involvement. She bravely gives her resignation letter saying that she won’t be part of any negative propaganda against any of her students, she is the principal who wants to lead an example. To our further surprise, the principal’s resignation letter is not accepted by the school management. Excellent build-up leading to the turning of tables!

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