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Pinjra Episode-21 Review: Javaid has barely got any redeeming attributes

This episode seems to be quite underwhelming

Ary Digital drama serial Pinjra is one of the excellent serials in the running with such solid messaging about parenting. Performances are all brilliant be it Omair Rana’s, Hadiqa Kiani’s or young stars all have done their best. In the previous episode, we have seen that Abhaan opens up about why he doesn’t want to go home. In this episode emphasis is more on sibling comparisons and their adverse effects on the child’s mind and their mutual relationship.

Pinjra is a classic modern drama with themes and issues relating to the modern day. Azaan is shocked to hear that his younger brother hates him because his father always used to compare him. Comparing two kids is a kind of emotional abuse and it is a criminal offence in the West which can be reported. While here our parents causally compare two siblings making one a role model for another which badly affects a child’s psychology and also creates differences between the siblings which may lead towards sibling rivalry.

Adeel’s meeting at Wajiha’s place with Khadija seems like a ray of hope. It seems that Adeel Khadija may reignite her lost passion for her music or may she help Abhaan in pursuing his passion for arts and music. Adeel has said really wise words to Khadija about God-gifted talent and how it is kind of a blessing. Khadija has not given any expressions. We have seen Abhaan recalling how his mother teaches him to play the guitar in Remand’s house.

Azaan asks his mother to come home as he wants to do a serious talk with her and his father. Azaan in the most respectful manner tried his best to explain to his father how his habit of making comparisons has damaged Abhaan emotionally so much that he prefers living in jail over coming back home. He added another wise saying that children are reflections of parents, he is more like his father whereas Abhaan has more attributes of her mother he is more inclined towards arts and music.

We were expecting Jawaid to have change of heart by the end of this discussion but we see nothing of this sort. His narcissistic and misogynist self is back, and he starts blaming Khadija saying” Well done Khadija” You have made him well. After all, that he and his family has gone through he is still not ready to realize his mistake, this is such a realistic depiction people do not change suddenly, the deep sorted misogyny does not go away that easily. One thing is not making any sense why Abhaan wants to run away from the Remand house?

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