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Pinjra Episode-23 Review: Abhaan eventually meets his music counselor Adeel

It seems like an other filler episode, nothing much happened

Ary Digital drama serial Pinjra is  23 episodes down and still, Abhaan is not free. The play is carrying excellent messaging on parenting but this dragging of the tracks ruins the tempo of the drama. Performances are all on point except Furqan’s he is somehow failing to convince us that he is a lawyer. In the previous episode, Arsalan musters the courage to propose Wajiha. In this episode, Abhaan eventually meets his music counsellor Adeel and with that, it brings hope that the poor kid will find a way to his passion.

Well in the previous episode, there is so much stress on Wajiha and Arsaalan’s track but in the latest episode, it is a bit sidelined. Dua’s prolonged self-confinement in her room and not talking with her mother now seems a bit over. She should have spoken her heart out. Has she discussed this with Khadija? the flashbacks have shown but we are wondering has she put words into her fears and discussed Khadija or not.

Jawaid’s narcissistic self is very much in character. He is super happy with Azaan getting the scholarship but Azaaan crushes his dream by telling him that he cannot do this. His opinion is that he cannot leave his brother like that. For instance, we feel disappointed in Azaan for refusing to avail himself of this amazing opportunity but when we hear his side of the story he is right that availing this opportunity, will ruin his relationship with his brother.

Jawaid once again starts blaming Khadija for everything, he asks her to convince Azaan not to miss this opportunity. Khadija tries her best to convince Azaan but Azaan has made up his mind not to go for it. Arsalan meets Javaid and the way he talks, his mannerism does not make us convinced that he is a lawyer or children’s rights activist. He is giving us confused vibes.

Arsalan gives the suggestion of getting a counsellor for Abhaan, well how come Azaan is so sure that Adeel can do the counselling? As far as I know, professional counselling is different from music counselling and how it going to affect the case all seems absurd. Anyways Abhaan eventually meets his music counsellor Adeel and through him, it seems like Abhaan will get his lost love for music. It seems that Abhaan’s passion for music is eventually going to heal him.

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