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Pinjra Episode-25 Review: There is a positive change in Abhaan’s behavior

Adeel's counseling has really helped Abhaan

Pinjra airing at ARY Digital is an excellent parenting one o one, however, the story is unnecessarily dragged. It should have been concluded by now. Wajiha’s track is unnecessarily stretched. In the previous episode, we watched Abhaan during counselling shares his wish to have a virtual family where no one compares him with anyone. In this episode, we have seen an obvious positive change in Abhaan’s behaviour.

It seems that Adeel’s counselling has really helped Abhaan and we can see a positive change in his behaviour. We have seen Adeel talking frankly with Khadija and Wajiha as they are old college buddies. Javaid sees Khadija talking with Adeel but he does not respond. Khadija senses that Javaid is not liking Khadija talking with Adeel. Well, she is kinda right as Adeel waves him but he does not respond.

Adeel and Khadija visit Abhaan together and they can witness a visible positive change in his behaviour. He has changed his attitude, he has broken his prolonged silence and he has started responding to his parents. We see a ray of hope in Javaid’s character as well he smiles to see Abhaan responding. He also shows Abhaan pictures of his cat telling him that he and Azaan daily give her milk.

The reason why we see such an obvious change in Abhaan’s attitude is just that his self-esteem is satisfied by pursuing his passion. Abhaan plays the guitar and paints. He has shown his parents his recent painting which is a beautiful house in a serene environment. Does it say what he wants to go back home? and he is missing home or he has painted a dream home where no one compares him and everyone let each other grow. It is such a relief to see poor Abhaan being happy after the trauma he has been through.

The fear still exists that Abhaan might get back into jail. The procurement of the CCTV camera is really important according to Arsalan and according to them, the principal has the recording. Azaan goes to the principal house where he is told that she has shifted to another city and has left the rented house. Even Arsalan is of the view that it all seems an accident than a murder. Abhaan admits to his prison mate that he has not killed Umar. Why can’t he tell it in court that he has not pushed Umar? Fardaan tells Azaan that the principal might be hiding he should not give up on her.

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