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Pinjra Episode-3 Review: Abhaan is really disturbed, he doesn’t want to go to the hostel

Abhaan wants to take his own life!

Ary Digital drama serial Pinjra is one of the best serials in the running with very important social messaging. Performances in the play especially by the young stars are really quite impressive. In the previous episodes, we have seen that Javaid wants to send Abhaan to the hostel. In this episode it is shown that Abhaan is too upset he does not want to go to a boarding school, and he tries to take his own life.

Poor Abhaan as we have seen is being emotionally abused by his parents for not showing good grades. His class teacher has praised him for his exceptionally good art and music skills but he is weak in maths. Abhaan’s parents instead of nurturing the skills he is good at, snub him for not coming up with good grades in Maths. Javaid says that he wants to send him to the hostel.

Khadija although is not agreed with the idea of sending him to the hostel, she thinks that he is too young to go to a boarding school. However, Javaid somehow manages to convince her by saying that there is a certain age limit and that whatever they are doing is for their child’s future. Abhaan is really and kinda scared he does not want to go to the hostel. He begs his mother not to send him.

Azaan is such a caring brother his heart goes out to Abhaan. He is so concerned that even at his dining out party with friends he is worried about his brother. He even discusses him with Farjaad who advises him to take a stand for his brother. Unlike Abeer who is not that caring at all, she is occupied with her phone and is secretly carrying a relationship with her senior. She has no idea what her parents are going to do with her if they know she has a phone.

Abhaan is super upset, he does not even show up at the dinner table to which his father strictly says ‘let him be hungry for the night he will get on the track’. This is such a negative approach. Azaan takes food for Abhaan to his room despite his father stopping him but Abhaan refuses to eat anything. Later at the night he walks into the kitchen but with the intention to take his own life. He picks up a knife and it seems he is about to slit his wrist. Such a powerful message!

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