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Pinjra Episode-4 Review: Azaan is a gem of a brother giving us sibling goals

This episode purely belongs to Ashar Wajahat as Azaan

Pinjra the drama serial airing at ARY Digital is an excellent serial based on parenting issues and sibling dynamics. This episode purely belongs to Ashar Wajahat as Azaan he has just nailed his character. In the previous episode, we have seen that Abhaan does not want to go to boarding school and he tries to take his own life. In this episode, it is shown that Azaan being a gem of a brother saves Abhaan from going to the hostel by convincing his father.

Abhaan is shown too depressed, he does not want to go to the hostel. He tries to take his own life by slitting his wrist with a kitchen knife. Azaan comes to the kitchen by chance and there he sees his brother lying on the kitchen floor with her wrist bleeding he shouts and calls his father. They both take him to the hospital where Javaid has to lie to the doctor about the incident.

Javaid is still unmoved and resolute to send Abhaan for boarding. Not for a single moment, he realizes that the poor kid wants to take his own life. He is depressed to that level but still Javaid persists to send him to the hostel. Azaan is a gem of a brother he is not leaving his brother alone. He is the one who convinces Javaid not to send Abhaan to the hostel, he says that he will take his guarantee.

Javaid agrees not to send Abhaan to the hostel when Azaan says that he will teach Abhaan himself and he when he further gives him the example that what if he tries to take this step again in the hostel who is going to save him? Wajiha’s children are so well-mannered the way they show their support to Abhaan is commendable. Abeer is quite a rude and mean sort of girl she prefers to stay in her room.

Azaan hears about Abeer having a boyfriend through a senior boy while football he is about to lose his cool when Farjad intervenes and tells him that it is true he is hearing the same. Well, the way Azaan handles this sensitive situation is giving us sibling goals. He is such a gem of a brother that he talks to Abeer in the possible polite manner, unlike any other brother who can get super angry. He politely tells her about the outcomes of having such relationships. Now Abeer is alarmed that her brother knows about her relationship. Excellent messaging!

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