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Pinjra Episode-5 Review: Khadija finds out Abeer’s hidden phone

This episode is more focused on Abeer

Pinjra Episode-5 Review – ARY Digital drama serial Pinjra is now 5 episodes down. It is such an excellent play carrying positive messages about parenting. Performances are simply brilliant. In the previous episode, we have seen that Azaan is such a gem of a brother, he is giving us all sibling goals. In this episode, it is shown that Khadija finds out that Abeer is secretly keeping a phone.

Wajiha seems concerned about Abeer and her activities, she has discussed it with Buwa and asked for her advice on how to share her concerns with Khadija regarding Abeer. Well, Wajiha says that she is an expert in lying one wonders how come Wajiha knows Abeer so well has her daughter Dua told her about Abeer, or has Farjaad shared anything? Wajiha is fearing of Khadija’s reaction.

Abeer is talking with her boyfriend on the phone in the washroom when Abhaan listens to her. He tells her mother that Abeer is talking with someone in the bathroom. Khadija starts shouting Abeer’s name and tells her to come out. She comes out but before that she has hidden her phone in the wardrobe. When Khadija asks her with whom she is talking she simply says that she is in the washroom and was not talking with anyone.

Khadija is taking Abeer for cooking classes, she also sits there for the whole class duration. During the classes, Abeer’s best friend asks her about the phone. Well, I am wondering has Khadija heard all her conversations with her friend, or has she gotten alarmed by Abhaan telling her that he has heard her talking with someone in the bathroom? Well, Khadija doesn’t spare any chance and starts searching Abeer’s wardrobe in the washroom. Khadija finally finds out that Abeer is secretly keeping a mobile. Her world turned upside down. She is damn sure that she is keeping this mobile to talk with boys. Khadija beats the hell out of Abeer but she does not tell anything to her father.

Jawaid is shown to be a nonprogressive and conservative person when his colleague asks him his advice about marrying off his daughter or letting her complete her studies, he advises him to marry off her daughter. Azaan is worried for Abeer as well but he cannot share it with his parents as he is aware of their potential reaction. He knows that his parents are not always right but he cannot do anything. So much conveyed in one episode! Excellent play, and excellent messaging, ‘To talk to your child.’

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