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Pinjra Episode-6 Review: Abhaan is still struggling with his studies

Khadija at least should have taken a stand for her friend

ARY Digital drama serial Pinjra is one excellent drama with strong messaging on parenting issues. Performances are all on point, particularly of young stars who have given their best in acting. In the previous episode, we have seen that Khadija finds about Abeer’s hidden phone. In this episode, it is shown that Abhaan is still struggling with his studies although Azaan is trying his best to teach his brother.

Wajiha visits Khadija’s house and there she gets a chance to see Abhaan’s sketches. All seems dark-themed and sad where he is depicting himself as someone caged. Wajiha asks Khadija if has she ever tried to look at those paintings and if has she ever wondered what he is trying to tell. Before she could answer Jawaid enters the house, to be honest, he is such a rude guy he has no manners in how to treat a guest. He says really mean stuff to Wajiha.

Jawaid has got no right but to demean her for her choice of getting a divorce. He taunts her for working and also for being a single mother. Khadija at least should have taken a stand for her friend but she says nothing to Jawaid. She calls Wajiha and apologizes to her on her husband’s behalf. Khadija does not agree with her husband’s point of view but she has no courage to voice her own thoughts.

Wajiha celebrates Abeer’s birthday on the beach. Surprisingly Jawaid is present there as well but he enjoys that event to his best and seems a different person in that scene. Abeer invites her best friend there too. Abeer despite being beaten by her mother takes another cell phone from her friend as a gift. Abeer has not learned any lesson and she is not coming slow. Surprisingly Khadija is not scrutinizing her the way she should have after finding that hidden phone incident.

Abhaan is still struggling with his studies particularly maths despite Azaan trying his best to teach him. We have seen that Abhaan is not that friendly nor he is open to friendship. He is an introvert. He is more inclined toward music, painting, and animal care. If his parents pay a little bit of attention to his artistic skills and try to nurture them his overall performance will going to get better but sadly he is a victim of emotional abuse at home. Is that naughty new boy in his class going to affect Abhaan’s life positively or negatively? we have to find that. An Excellent Watch!

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