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Pinjra Episode-7 Review: Abhaan is getting into drugs

Abhaan is depressed on her father not allowing him for music program

ARY Digital drama serial Pinjra is about parenting one on one. The play is very artistically carrying such strong messaging. Performances are super brilliant, particularly by young stars who have done their best. In the previous episode, we have seen that Abhaan is still struggling with his studies. In this episode, it is shown that Abhaan is now getting on drugs as his new classmate starts selling him a drug.

Abhaan is still struggling with his studies, he gets failed a test. Abhaan has to get the test paper signed by his father we have seen how he tries to do his father’s signature forgery. Azaan is such a gem that he tries his best to support his brother but still, Abhaan lies to him that he has thrown his test papers. Azaan tells him that it is wrong but he does not tell his father anything about Abhaan’s test.

Azaan is also so nice that he tells Abhaan that despite he has flunked in the paper but he has shown some improvement. Wajiha comes to meet Khadija and there she shares with them the news that Abhaan’s song has been selected by Basement season and they have also sent Dua an email. Jawaid hears this and he starts snubbing Wajiha to focus on her own kids instead of his son and asks her to leave Abhaan and delete him from that account.

Wajiha is hurt by Jawaid’s behavior this time Khadija too complains but Jawaid is so self-righteous that he thinks that whatever he is doing with his kids is the best approach and Wajiha is spoiling her kids. Dua gets kidnapped by her own father the scenes were in such a rush that within two scenes this whole issue is solved. Khadija accompanies Wajiha to the police station which seems quite a bold act on her part and for that she has been schooled by Jawaid.

Abhaan’s new classmate who seems too smart than his age is a spoiled brat, he hands Abhaan a pill telling him that it will eventually give him some peace of mind. Abhaan seems to be too naive to accept a pill from a boy he hardly made his friend. Well, the drug has an effect on Abhaan, and the next day he offers him another dose but says that the next day it will not be free because it has a price. Abhaan is ready to pay the price. God the child is getting into drugs! Abhaan’s reaction was also fierce when he gets to know that his father has not allowed him to music program Basement season participation.

Overall an excellent play we anxiously wait for the whole week!

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