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Pinjra Episode-8 Review: Abhaan gets into a bigger mess!

Abhaan starts stealing money from his parents to buy drugs

ARY Digital’s drama serial Pinjra is an excellent drama in the running with strong messaging on parenting. It is basically parenting one o one but still story is quite engaging. Performances are brilliant particularly by all young stars. In the previous episode we have watched that Abhaan is getting into drugs. In this episode it is shown that Abhaan gets himself into a bigger mess.

Abhaan is getting into drugs poor child’s classmate is quite a pro drug dealer. Abhaan for the very first time tries to steal money from his father’s wallet and he succeeds in it. The moment when his father wakes up gives us goosebumps and we are silently praying that this time he gets caught but he manages to cover himself. Next time the child steals money from his mother’s purse.

Well the drama is highlighting such an important issue of drugs addiction at such tender age bracket. The little school boy is part of drug dealing gang by the way the manner in which he is shown procuring drugs is not much convincing. The rich brat’s guards how can they let this child go to buy stuff from any substandard store? Anyways it is so sad yet eye opening for us that drugs are too part of such age group too.

Azaan is the only sane person in the house. The way he tells his mom that why she is so afraid of their father? He is rightly pointing out that it makes sense of they are being afraid of their father but why she is being scared of him? Khadija is so submissive that she is not ready to face the reality that she is being emotionally abused and gaslighted by her husband. Jawaid has rob her of her basic rights and from pursuing her passions. It is her right to meet her friend but she is not allowed to visit her house nor she can pursuing her passion of music not even as a hobby.

Feroza Bowa already prophecies Abhaan’s misery but even she has no idea what bigger mess the boy will going to get himself in. Abhaan is high on drugs and it seems that drugs are making its impact on him, making him fearless and anxious. Abeer gets caught and Abhaan’s friend tell him about this matter. He goes straight at the roof top corner where Umar is standing and he is thinking him as the root of the cause. He starts pushing him but he has never thought of making him fall from the rooftop. Umar is in the hospital and Abhaan is in the greater mess! How will Abhaan going to get out of all this? our heart goes out for the poor boy whose future seems grim.

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