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Prem Gali Episode-7 Review: Confusion, Chaos and Ultimate Comedy!

Prem Gali episode 7 aired yesterday and it was one fun watch of confusion turning into comedy and eventually leading to the irony of Hamza (Farhan Saeed) and Joya (Sohai Ali Abro). The end however seemed like a blow to Prem Gali’s happiness and we’ll have to see how the makers turn it around.

The episode began with Joya’s mother Shireen (Saba Hameed) visiting Hamza’s home to seek tuitions for her daughter. On the receiving end, Hatim Chaudhry (Wasim Abbas) and Dada jee (Qavi Khan) are optimistic that it’s a proposal visit. When reality unfolds, the two parties have a fallout over tuition fee and Shireen is quick to share it with Joya who gets discouraged.

On the other hand, Hamza outright refuses to give any more tuitions and tells off his father. When he gets to know from Joya that it was his chance to see his love every day, he tries to salvage the situation only to fail at the hands of his father who has planned on sending chacha (Farhat Abdullah) to teach Joya.

Needless the lovers are left disappointed, but not more than Fari (Anoushey Abbasi) and Haseena (Farah Shah) whose whole world will come down crashing. The end of Prem Gali came off as problems for the wedding house as Fari’s dowry sets on fire.

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