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Prem Gali Episode-11 Review: One After the Other, Joya and Hamza Face Obstacles in Love

Full of fun banter and hilarious confusions, Prem Gali has entered its 11th week and so have Joya (Sohai Ali Abro) and Hamza (Farhan Saeed) with their complicated love story. This week all in all was a good watch but if you’re looking for a strong storyline to follow, this show may not be your cup of tea.

Just when Hamza and Joya thought they might be able to get married, Shireen (Saba Hamid) had another scheme to prevent her reputation from getting tarnished. As per her instructions, Joya acts to resist the proposal with Hamza, and of all people Haseena apa (Farah Shah) gets the news.

Ultimately, Shireen has to deal with the elders of Prem Gali while Joya lets Fari (Anoushey Abbasi) in on her secret affair.

And as we proceed to get the joy of finally seeing the story move and love birds Hamza and Joya uniting, Shireen throws a trump card that takes everyone aback.

Earlier Musarat (Uzma Hassan) was concerned about Joya losing her life like all other women married into Hamza’s home. But to prevent that from happening and getting rid of the divorcee family title, Shireen demands Hamza to become a ‘ghar damad’. This makes things go south and Hamza is left hanging in the middle of finding love and saving his family.

While we have started to enjoy Prem Gali and every episode has a few bone tickling moments, it sometimes takes a back seat when it comes to a plot. The stellar cast and script are what makes this drama stand out, but if you’re looking for something more concrete to watch then this may just not pass.

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