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Prem Gali Episode-8 is All About Compassion, Self-Esteem and Morals

Prem Gali episode 8 left us with some serious thoughts and lessons as the neighborhood came together for Fari’s (Anoushey Abbasi) wedding and put in their everything to get her dowry. After last week ended on fire in Haseena’s (Farah Shah) house and setting Fari’s dowry ablaze, Shireen (Saba Hameed) the toughest was all played the most compassionate part.

Urging residents of Prem Gali to help Fari get married with a dowry (respect), Shireen was the first to pitch in with her car savings. Hikmat Chaudhry (Wasim Abbas) and Tau (Ashraf Khan) contributed with their own bonds and savings, while everyone brought to the table whatever they had.

It was however Fari and Hamza (Farhan Saeed) who stood up against the dowry system as Fari weighed in on her own value as she told her in-laws the truth. Seeing them come out and accept Fari with wholeheartedly, once again impressed Shireen who asked Hamza to find a proposal for Joya (Sohai Ali Abro).

Hamza not only agreed to it but also decided to make sure Shireen finds nobody but himself as the suitable groom for her daughter. The game is on as Hamza plots to find a way to love.

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