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Prem Gali Episode-9 Review: Nani is Determined to Get Hamza and Joya Married

Prem Gali at ARY Digital has entered its ninth week and so far none of the episodes has made us laugh as much as this one. Just last week the Farhan Saeed and Sohai Ali Abro starrer drama showed us compassion and sacrificial sentiments, and this week it’s back on the mischievous track that it set out on.

This week Hamza (Farhan) had decided to make sure he would get Shireen (Saba Hamid) to find no one but himself as a suitable match for Joya (Sohai). Little did he know that he would also get Joya’s Nani as his accomplice in the quest to marry his love..

On one hand, Hamza is at his dada jee and chacha’s case to take his proposal for Joya and swears over his dada (Qavi Khan) to never get married if not to Joya. The other end sees Nani leaving no stone unturned to ensure Hamza is the last boy left on earth to marry Joya as she rejects each and every proposal that Shireen brings in.

How long would it take to bring Shireen and Hikmat Chaudhry (Wasim Abbas) on terms is another question, but seeing Hamza and dadi dedicatedly working towards the cause is fun to watch.

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