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Pyar Ke Sadqey Episode-15 Review: Mahajabeen’s false claims are making Abdullah question her character

Sarwar is playing the role of devil in Abdullah and Mahajabeen's relationship

Pyar-Ke-Sadqey-Episode-15-ReviewIn this episode Mahajabeen's false claims are making Abdullah question her character - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Hum Tv’s Pyar Ke Sadqey is undoubtedly one of the excellent drama serials in the running, in terms of its execution, performances and the script everything is on point. This episode is showing phases of Mahajabeen and Abdulllah’s marriage and development in their relationship as well as the growth of both of them as persons. Mahajabeen false claims of her self assumed pregnancy is going to put her in great trouble.

The episode begins when Mahajabeen very frankly shares about her self assumed pregnancy to her parents. Her mother must have known about her innocence she should have at least confirm this news before letting her share that with her in-laws, as it is such a sensitive issue. The reaction of Sarwar on hearing this news is so satisfying to the audiences, it seems that nature is taking revenge from him in its own way.


Just before hearing the news about Mahajabeen’s pregnancy, Sarwar has very ruthlessly insulted Abdullah in front of the whole office. When Mansoora shares with him the news of Mahajabeen expecting, he is just out of his mind. Sarwar’s scene with her mother is such a powerful one where we can see his passion. Abdullah comes home shattered and broken by Sarwar’s behavior, Mansoora sensed that he is disturbed she asks Mahajabeen to console him. Their conversation is so beautiful when Mahajabeen is suggesting Abdullah to never accept his mistake no matter what happens. She even offers him that she can fight for him with Sarwar and also that the way Washma treats Sarwar is what he deserves. Its one cute scene of Abdullah and Majabeen.


Mansoora takes Mahajabeen for a checkup where the doctor confirms that she is not pregnant and furthermore she tells Mansoora that it seems like her daughter in law has no physical relationship with her son. Mahajabeen’s mother comes to congratulate Abdullah’s mother but when she tells her that she is not pregnant she feels very embarrassed but Mansoora makes her feel good later Mahajabeen slips the reason of her vomiting from her mouth that Sarwar has made her overeat in the restaurant and later she regrets as Sarwar has told her not to tell anyone otherwise he will throw her out of the house. She begs Mansoora not to tell that to Sarwar, Mansoora assures Mahajabeen that no one can throw her out of her house.


Mansoora is having an inner turmoil, a part of her wants to get rid of this monster Sarwar she is keeping in her house but part of her is sill attached with him, with his pretense of love and his praises, they are her weakness, she is clearly sensing that but she is not yet ready to take any step for the betterment of her children. She even discusses her inner turmoil with Abdullah’s phupho and despite her advice to take some bold step Mansoora is not yet ready to leave him.

Sarwar sows seeds of doubts in Abdullah’s mind about Mahajabeen’s pregnancy and Abdullah although he is not fully convinced with Sarwar’s character attacks tries to question Mahajabeen about her pregnancy, well it seems so absurd and stupid after knowing the confirmation from a doctor that she is not pregnant and the reason behind her vomiting was over eating, still, Mahajabeen accepts that she is pregnant which is maddening Abdullah and making his position even more weak in front of Sarwar. Mahjabeen’s false claims of her self assumed pregnancy is making Abdullah questioning her character. Abdullah tells Mahajabeen to leave her house, her stupidity will create problems for her!

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