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Pyar ke Sadqey Episode-7 Review: Mahajabeen and Abdullah seem to be soul mates

Mahajabeen's mother in law makes her feel worthless in front of all her friends

Pyar ke Sadqey Episode-7 ReviewIn this episode Mahajabeen and Abdullah seem to be soul mates - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Pyar Ke Sadqey, a delightful drama serial running on HUM TV is worth watching prime time watch. Loaded with numerous scenes which make audiences genuinely laugh yet its intense, its a satire on our society, mocking its very pathetic standards which are making lives miserable. Zanjabeel Asim Shah has very portrayed the life and struggles of failure with great mastery. Bilal Abbas and Yumna Zaidi both have given their incredible performances.

Abdullah is all set to propose Shanzay once again, his Phupho, his sister and his mother agreed to accompany him and it is agreed that this is the last time he is going to propose her. Abdullah’s mother meets Munshi Sahab and asks him the reason why Sarwar is so angry with him? Munshi Sahab is such a gentleman that he does not share the actual reason, instead of it he makes an excuse that because he is getting old that is why Sarwar thinks that he should take retirement. He requests her to convince Sarwar Sahab for his gratuity money on which she hands Munshi Saab a cheque of one million saying that it is a gift for Mahajabeen from her side.


Mahajabeen is on the ninth cloud, she told everyone on the street about her marriage. Almost every other person can relate to the scene of Mahajabeen where examination hall scene is till haunting her in her dream and how she gives away her books to that Tin Tabba Wala. Mahajabeen seems a girl from some other planet, flaunting off her wedding news to every other person.


Munshi Sahab brings invitation card to Abdullah’s mother, and the scene where Abdullah says oh the day when he has to propose Shanzay is almost at the same date when Mahajabeen’s wedding date is fixed and how confused it looks as he promises that he will manage to come but he also makes a promise to Munshi jee that he will dance on the wedding. Munshi Sahab is fulfilling all the unnecessary demands of Mahajabeen’s in-laws because he thinks that this is the only way she will make her daughter acceptable to them.


Mehndi day arrives, Mahajabeen’s fiance Dr. Hammad is still eyeing Mahajabeen’s friend even at the Mehndi rituals. When girls ask for Naik, a complementary money gift, her miser mother in law gives only 1 thousand rupees and when the girls protest she says this is the only amount she can give against this simple girl. Mahajabeen feels bad like her mother in law has made her feel worthless in front of all. On the other hand, Abdullah has been once again rejected by Shanzay.

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