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Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode-19 Review: Shanzay shamelessly proposes Abdullah

Although Abdullah has said yes to Shanzay but he is very confused!

Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode-19 ReviewIn this episode Shanzay shamelessly proposes Abdullah - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Pyar Ke Sadqay the drama serial airing at HUM TV is unarguably the best one in the running for the current season. However, with the latest episode, the play is turning more and more intense and sad, the element of delight is diminishing after the entry of Shanzay which is not welcomed at all and it has spoiled Abdullah and Mahjabeen’s romance. Yumna Zaidi and Bilal Abbas both have given the best of the performances in this drama. 

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Apart from Shanzay’s entry, Mahjabeen’s own follies are her biggest enemy, in her typical stupid manner, Mahajabeen innocently passes remarks about Sarwar and Mansoora’s age difference in front of Mansoora. For the very first time, Mansoora feels like she has made the biggest mistake to make her daughter in law and she shares her disgust with Sarwar who is ready to brainwash her against poor Mahjabeen.


Then there is an intense scene where Sarwar tries to touch Mahjabeen in an inappropriate way and she once again feels her instinctive feelings and expresses it out by saying directly to him that not to touch her she does not like it when he touches her on which he says that he is the one who actually loves her where her own husband is after Shanzay and soon he is going to marry her. The expressions of Yumna were incredible in that scene she says that she will pray that Shanzay and her husband will get reconcile how can she marry someone’s husband.


Abdullah is being a ping pong between his love and being a good husband. Shanzay being a true homewrecker shamelessly offers him to marry her and Abdullah cannot say no to her but deep inside his conscience is not letting him to be happy on this decision. Unlike Shanzay, Abdullah is a good person who has a gem heart but for the very first time, his dream is coming true so he cannot let her go and on the other hand he knows that he is married too. Well, the scene looks so stupid that right after when Shanzay gets a slap from Issa, clad in her night suit Shanzay goes straight at Abdullah’s office and proposes him in front of the whole staff.

Mahjabeen is trying her best to attract Abdullah towards her but she has realized that Abdullah has changed. These scenes were again very cute and beautifully performed. She asks assurance from him that he is never going to leave him but the way Abdullah says yes he won’t make Mahjabeen sad and later Abdullah feels bad for her. Well, it seems that Mahajabeen’s ground is getting weak at her home with her stupid remarks on Mansoora and Sarwar’s age it seems that she has lost Mansoora’s support too. Now its only Washma who will be her only support.

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