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Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode-2 Review: A delightful and intense watch!

Mahajabeen seems to be a girl from another world


The cute and intense newly started drama serial Pyar Ke Sadqay running on HUM TV is like a breath of fresh air. Amidst all the dramas having so much negativity and intrigues, this drama seems a delightful watch, a cute yet intense love story of two main characters who both seem to have born on the wrong planet.

The episode begins when Mahajabeen is excited that she will be soon married off and she will soon get relieved from her studies. She is especially taken to a parlor as guests are expected in the evening for Rishta. The especial efforts, going to a parlor and struggles for getting an approval from the guests is a satire on our mindset in a very cute and adorable way, girls and their family instead of learning skills and getting education spend their energies only in the beautification of their looks so that they get approved by boy and their families. How shallowly we assess the girl only through her looks, her skills, her intellect all comes after that, all treated as secondary qualities.


Abdullah, on the other hand, is shown as a classic example of a weirdo who does not use his own brain. His sister insists him to express his feelings to Shanzay who treats him like a loser but she does not want to be rude to him, which he mistakes as his approval and he starts hounding her with her calls like a psycho, despite Shanzay’s saying that she is clearly not interested in him.


Apart from this comedy and light sight of the play, a dark side has also been portrayed that why Abdullah is like that? His step father has bought him up like that. Abdullah’s father died when he was a child and her mother married his employee in the company who is much younger than her age, he pretends that he is supporting her kids and have sacrificed her life for that but in real he has a negative motive to take over all her property and business. He has deliberately brought up Abdullah as a good for nothing kind a boy who will have no guts to confront him in future. Only Abdullah’s sister knows all his reality but she is as helpless as Abudullah as no one including her mother is ready to realize the reality of her husband.


The scene where Mahajabeen forcefully gets herself approved is one of most hilarious scenes how conveniently she forced her finger and slides up the ring into her finger. Mahajabeen and Abdullah’s stepfather Sarwar paths cross when he sees her in his office, He first time realizes that she is the girl born in a wrong world and in wrong timings. Mahajabeen has fascinated him so much so that he keeps thinking about her. Whereas poor Mahajabeen is happy in her own world and she is kind of misfit for the real world where her fiance doctor has realized in their conversation that there is no compatibility between them.

Pyar Ke Sadqey


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