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Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode-20 Review: Love wins Abdullah stays faithful to Mahajabeen

Shanzay leaves Abdullah for choosing Mahajabeen over her

Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode-20 ReviewIn this episode Love wins Abdullah stays faithful to Mahajabeen - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

One of the most beautiful and cutest love stories I have ever seen on screen is Abdullah and Mahjabeen’s in drama serial Pyar Ke Sadqay airing on HUM TV. This episode is an absolute delight for Abdullah and Mahajabeen fans as in this episode Abdullah inclines back towards Mahjabeen and prefers her on Shanzay, brilliantly written and executed. Yumna Zaidi and Bilal Abbas have come up with incredible performances.

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The episode begins when Mahjabeen’s father meets Abdullah at his office, the way he starts pleading him not to leave Mahjabeen is so heartbreaking and the way Abdullah assures him that he is not going to leave her speaks volumes about Abdullah being a gem heart. Well, the devil Sawar won’t spare anyone, he once again in his own devilish manner blackmails Munshi Jee that Abdullah will do what he will ask him and he is going to leave Mahjabeen.

Then there are some typical Mahjabeen and Abdullah’s cute and adorable love scenes where they both were looking super cute. It is really difficult for us to decide whose performance is surpassing the other as they both have outclassed in their roles. The scene where Mahjabeen fakes her foot injury and Abdullah is taking care of her is so beautiful saying volumes about their strong bond.

Mahjabeen is trying hard to attract Abdullah back, the scene where she shares her fears and also saying that “I do not want to fail in this exam of life” is so deep, Abdullah must have related with it but he tries to overcome his feelings by saying that ” Mai Maths mai Humesha Pass Hota Tha” is so hilarious. The way Mahjabeen makes Abdullah promise her not to leave her ever and Abdullah promises her that he will not leave her ever made us so happy and satisfied.

Abdullah who is already extremely confused and little ashamed of his act now starts avoiding Shanzay but Shanzay is being a real meanie. She asks Abdullah why he is not receiving her calls. Abdullah is now manning up, he gathers some courage and clearly tells her that he likes her but he loves Mahjabeen, she is her wife and she is very innocent and caring and that he cannot ditch her like that on which the vile Shanzay loses her cool and leaves Abdullah. Abdullah is relaxed, his heart inclines back towards Mahjabeen.

Then there is one cute scene where Abdullah tells that he has left Shanzay on which Mahjabeen feels sorry about Shanzay and wishes well for her. Here a contrast of personalities have shown, Mahjabeen who is innocent and has a clean heart who cannot harm anyone, and then there is that selfish Shanzay who is ready to wreck Mahjabeen’s house without even thinking about Mahjabeen, Abdullah will realize this difference.


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