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Pyar Ke Sadqey Episode-22 Review: Abdullah is leaving Mahajabeen

We simply cannot see this adorable couple parting ways.


Pyar Ke Sadqey one of our most favorite and delightful primetime watch running at HUM TV has taken a very tragic turn with separation shown between Abdullah and Mahajabeen which audiences are not ready to accept. It is really hard to see Abdullah with Shanzay. Shanzay and his father’s character is not making any sense. This episode is fast-paced and very heartbreaking powered with brilliant performances by Yumna Zaidi and Bilal Abbas.

Mahajabeen has sensed a change of attitude in Abdullah and she is also sensing that she is losing her place in the house. She has already annoyed Mansoora by her follies and now it looks like she is fed up with her. The way she sends Mahajabeen at her parents’ house so that she does not have to show her to her friends is very mean. She has never been that rude with her. She has always regarded Munshi Jee but now her changed attitude is not making any sense. She has clearly understood Sarwar’s intentions too but her numbness over this matter is making her not less than a criminal. A very weak character so far.


Shanzay is being a real vile, for her Mahajabeen’s feelings and her relationship with Abdullah does not matter at all. She thinks, just because Mahajabeen does not belong to the same class so she does not deserve Abdullah. Well, now we have also started thinking that Mahjabeen deserves much better. Abdullah puts engagement ring on Shanzay’s finger but then Shanzay demands him to divorce Mahajabeen which disturbs Abdullah the most. He simply cannot think of leaving Mahajabeen. He had already left Shanzay before but she has created the fake drama and wins him back.


Abdullah is being real idiot in this situation, his kindness is being his biggest enemy in this case. Why he is not manning up and once for all rejects Shanzay like he did before he knows that he loves Mahajabeen then why he is leaving her just in courtesy to make Shanzay feel good? Abdullah and his life seem to be pathetic. The way he is now being rude with Mahajbeen is also making him a flawed hero.


Sarwar is playing his cards extremely well, he tries to harass Mahajabeen making her feel very uncomfortable with the confession of his feelings towards her. Mahjabeen shares this with Abdullah who instead of confronting Sarwar leaves Mahjabeen at her parents house. The dialogues which Mahajbeen says in the car are very heart touching where she says that ” Aap bhi Duffer ho” Abdullah feels like he has left his piece of heart with Mahajabeen. He returns back home with heavy steps. We simply cannot see this adorable couple parting ways.

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