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Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode-21 Review: Abdullah has become a pendulum between Mahjabeen and Shanzay

Cunning Shanzay also makes Abdullah promise that he will marry her!


Pyar Ke Sadqay the drama serial running at HUM TV is one of our favorite prime time watches with Bilal Abbas and Yumna Zaidi’s incredible performances. The play is getting more intense as it moves towards a depressing side. It seems like  Abdullah and Mahjabeen will eventually get separated and we certainly do not want to see that. Well, cunning Sarwar is making sure that he plays his cards very smartly so that Abdullah and Mahjabeen part their ways.

As in the previous episode we have seen a little growth in Abdullah’s character, he has taken a big discussion of his life on his own as has refused Shanzay and preferred Mahjabeen over her by saying that he loves her and then he very confidently tells his decision to Sarwar too who is extremely disappointed to see Mahajabeen’s love in Abdullah’s eyes but he apparently expresses that he is happy with his decision.


Shanzay on the other hand is so pathetic, she has literally no sense of self-respect and self-worth. Abdullah has nicely refused her by saying that he likes her but he loves his wife and he cannot ditch her, after hearing that she should have gracefully step backed but no she is a homewrecker she takes the whole of this as a matter of her ego and creates a drama of fake suicide so that she can pressurize Abdullah.


Abdullah who is now happy with his wife gets extremely disturbed and panicked when Shanzay’s father calls him and snubs him for misbehaving with his daughter.  After hearing from Shanzay’s father,  Abdullah gets restless and wants to find out about Shanzay’s critical condition.


Abdullah visits Shanzay at the hospital and there she is milking every situation at her best. She tells Abdullah that she is dying for him but he cannot marry her. Then she makes Abdullah promise her that he will marry her on keeping his hand on her head as Mahajabeen did. Now poor Abdullah is being a pendulum between Mahjabeen and Shanzay. Sarwar is now telling Abdullah to leave Mahjabeen but when Abdullah clearly says that he cannot leave Mahjabeen Sarawar does not utter a single word but he calls Shanzay and tells her that she has really a great heart that she is accepting Mahjabeen to share with her husband and for the very first time Shanzay has thought about Mahjabeen too. It seems that Abdullah is going to leave Mahjabeen and we really do not want to watch this, the play is getting depressing.

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