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Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode-26 Review: Extremely emotional and heart clenching episode

Our hearts are crying with Mahajabeen

Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode-26 ReviewIn this episode Extremely emotional and heart clenching episode - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Pyar Ke Sadqay the drama serial airing at HUM TV is unarguably one of the classiest play in the running. Mahajabeen and Abdullah, both characters are showing considerable growth and development through their sufferings. This episode bids farewell to one of our most favourite character of this play Munshi Jee, Malik Raza has a strong screen presence and his performance was very impressive in this play. Well in this episode Yumna Zaidi’s performance is an absolute winner.

Munshi Jee’s character reflects dignity, he very gracefully left this world but he did not surrender in front of Sarwar. His blind trust in Allah and on his daughter’s upbringing is making him even stronger character then Sarwar. Sarwar despite all his tactics and power seems extremely weak in front of Munshi Jee, he cannot do anything but cry his heart out in front of his mother.

Washma is one gem heart she is there with Mahjabeen trying to help her out. She tells her that she will bring her father back but when she enters the jail she comes to know that Munshi Jee is critically ill and he has been shifted to the hospital. Washma goes to meet him and there he said his last words to Washma telling her that Mahajabeen is very innocent and requests her to take care of Mahajabeen and save her from Sarwar.

Abdullah is now working in Shanzay’s office well Shanzay is always standing beside his chair making us wonder that here as well poor Abdullah has to take her orders all the time. Unlike Sarwar, here Mir Sahab is giving him his due respect and reverence. He also points a mistake in the accounts which his manager admits. Washma calls Abdullah and imparts her the sad news of Munshi Sahab’s death.

Washma enters into the house fulfilling her promise of bringing back Mahjabeen’s father but Munshi Jee’s dead body. I think the whole Pakistan is crying with Mahajabeen. When she is combing her dead father’s hair and saying that she cannot live without him our eyes were flooded with tears, and then when her parting words are ” Acha aab miltay hain Aglay Jahan may aisa na ho k wahan b na milo”, it is just clenching our hearts.

Mansoora does not seem as guilty as she should have been. Abdullah is there and he is crying with Mahjabeen. Later when Abdullah comes back after the burial of Munshi Jee she dusts his boots with her dupatta saying that ” es per mere Abbu k naye ghar ki mitti lagi” and then she swears that soil and saying that she has not lied about Sarwar to him, she says that she is not lying he used to harass her. What an impactful dialogues.

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