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Pyar Ke Sadqay Epsiode-5 Review: A perfect blend of delightful and intense watch

Sarwar is manupilating people according to his desires


Pyar Ke Saddkey running on HUM TV is a perfect blend of delightful and an intense watch. Kudos to the writer Zanjabeel Asim Shah for penning down a script so unique and yet so appealing, the play has all the elements that a perfect drama should have. Drama to some extent is satisfying the entertainment aspect for the viewers, on the other hand, the story itself is an intense and dark one too, hooking the viewers to the screens. Indeed the play is the best in the running. On top of that, Yumna Zaidi and Bilal Abbas’s brilliant performances are a real treat to watch.

Sarwar shamelessly asks Mahajabeen’s hand from her father and he also offers him a hefty amount and car and house in Haq Mehar but Mahajabeen’s father is a true gentleman with a strong character he simply refuses his proposal and in return Sarwar retires him from his office and replaces him with a  new person. He has no intentions to give Munshi Sahab his gratuity money before the day of Mahajbeen’s wedding as he has requested.


There is some history also revealed in this episode. Abdullah’s phupho used to like Sarwar but then Sarwar marries Abdullah’s mother for money. Abdullah’s phupho has realized that Sarwar is manipulating Abdullah and her bhabhi, she tries to tell her bhabhi to be more careful in the case of Sarwar but she taunts her by saying that she is against him because she has the grievance that Sarwar chose her instead of selecting her. Poor Phupho has no choice but to stay silent and tries her best to help out Abdullah.


Mahajabeen’s scenes are a pure delight to watch. Mahajabeen dialogues and her character portrayal is a satire aiming at our society and how we treat such slow learners that they have no choice but to lie. It also very beautifully depicts the dreams of failures how they idealize the toppers. Mahajbeen’s dialogue to her mother that “Ammaa fail honay walon ko b izzat chahiye hoti hay” speak volumes.


Sarwar is being a real evil when Abdullah’s mother reinstate Munshi Sahab he gets mad at her. He badly insults her by saying that he should have treated her like the way Shehbaaz used to treat her. He leaves her place. Abdullah’s intense scene where he is recalling his own father how badly he used to beat her mother and how his yelling and beating his mother used to disturb him a lot. So a part of what Abdullah is today is mainly because of his disturbed childhood where his own real father used to beat his mother and that is one of the main reasons why Abdullah is bearing all scolding and beating of Sarwar is just because he is apparently nice to her mother.

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