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Pyar Ke Sadqey Episode-10 Review: The play will going to be more intense and dark

Sarwar is defienetly going to spoil Abdullah and Mahajabeen's relationship.

Pyar Ke Sadqey Episode-10 ReviewIn this episode The play will going to be more intense and dark - OyeYeah News

One of the best serials running on HUM TV is indeed a masterpiece written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah, an absolutely delightful watch yet it is so intense and it is also raising some serious societal issues. The character crafting is done with such finesse, be it Mahajabeen, Abdullah, Sarwar or Munshi Jee every character is very well crafted. The execution and performances are also on point.

The episode begins when Mahajabeen takes Abdullah and her parents to Dr. Hammad’s house for recovery, well the way she recovers her money is commendable, she definitely has some guts which can boost Abdullah’s confidence too. It is so hilarious when Mahajabeen makes Abdullah chant math tables in front of her friend and asks her to upload its video. For her Abdullah’s genius is her matter of pride as Mathematics is always her weakest subject.


Munshi Jee’s character is so well crafted as an absolute gentleman. The way he explains Mahajabeen weakness and failures to Abdullah, to tell him the reason behind her flaunting his table chanting blows Abdullah’s mind as Mahajabeen always used to lie him about her fake achievements. The way Munshi Jee slaps her daughter for lying is expressing his helplessness over this matter, how these societal so-called standards make one feel so bad that they have left with no choice but to lie and brag out their fake achievements.


Sarwar finally gets the shock of his life, he is so disturbed to find that his love Mahajabeen is now her daughter in Law. The scene is another treat to watch when Mahajbeen tells him that she is married to Abdullah and the way she calls him Dad is so hilarious and cute. Abdullah is extremely worried that Sarwar is not going to accept Mahajabeen and if he asks him to leave her he will have no option but to do so.


Mahajabeen makes a lot of hue and cry when Abdullah tells her that he might divorce her if Dad will ask him to do so. She is extremely worried that what will she do if Abdullah leaves her, She pleads Sarwar to accept her as she will serve him selflessly. Sarwar accepts Mahajabeen’s plea but he clearly tells Abdullah in person that he is going to test her and if he does not find her worthy enough to be his daughter in law then he has to leave her. Abdullah is shocked and hurt to hear that. He snubs Mahajabeen for coming in front of Sarwar and intervening in their discussion. He suggests her to stay away from him. It seems like the play is going to turn dark and intense.

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