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Pyar Ke Sadqey Episode-13 Review: Mahajabeen and Abdullah’s cute valima selfies reflects their cute relationship

Shazay is realzing that Abdullah is a gem heart

Pyar-Ke-Sadqey-Episode-13-ReviewIn this episode Mahajabeen and Abdullah's cute valima selfies reflects their cute relationship - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Pyar Ke Sadqey the most classy and finest drama serial running at HUM TV is the primetime watch we all love to watch and for that, we anxiously wait for the whole week. Yumna Zaidi and Bilal Abbas are nailing their characters with their incredible performances. Writer Asim Zanjabeel Shah deserves all praises for penning down a flawless and brilliant script. The execution is on point too.

Mahajabeen and Abdullah were going to Shanzay’s place to invite her for their Valima. Shanzay’s fiance is also present there. It is one heart touching yet delightful scene where Shanzay is feeling and sensing the inner beauty of Abdullah, despite of being a failure, he has the heart of gold. The way he is defending Mahajabeen and also saying that she has all the right to choose her bridal dress makes Shanzay to draw a contrast in her head of Abdullah with her fiancee who is not ready to accept her right of choosing her bridal dress.


Shanzay’s fiance praises Mahajabeen for being a simpleton and an obedient wife. Mahajabeen starts up with her story but then Abdullah covers her up and then when Shanzay appreciates Abdullah and says that he is proud of her. Abdullah feels really good but then he tells him that whatever he did, he is following her advice, but now its too late. Shanzay praises Mahajabeen’s beauty and tells that they will come to Valima.


Sarwar is playing his cards very smartly he bashes Abdullah whenever he likes at his office, telling him not to call him dad but then later he very smartly tries to clear himself by making an excuse that he has to do all this as he has to take care of the official environment. He insults Abdullah when he asks him that he wants to go at Lunch at his Phupho’s place. Abdullah arrives very late at lunch. However, he despite not sharing much has told his phupho and sister that Sarwar has stopped him in the office.


One of the most unfortunate scenes is where Mahajabeen’s father in a very respectful and reserved manner tells Abdullah’s mother about Sarwar’s bad intentions towards Mahajabeen and also that how he has himself asked him for her proposal and how he fired him when he refused. Instead of seriously considering what Munshi Sahab is saying, Abdullah’s mother is getting mad at Munshi Sahab for accusing her husband. She is in a state of shock and deeply hurt that Sarwar has preferred Munshi’s daughter over her but still it is hard for her to absorb all this so her instant reaction is denying it. She should have considered the fact that why all of sudden Sarwar fires Munshi Sahab and he is not even ready to give him his gratuity money?

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